Yet another journey around the sun equates to another year filled to the brim with funny memes. Yet, in the whirlwind pace of the social media realm, it is time to recall every viral meme trend that tickled our funny bone during the odd hours of the morning this year. We've compiled a collection of the top memes from 2023. Whether you're here to reminisce about the Barbie vs Barbenheimer phenomenon's glory days or the "choti bachi ho kya" memes that emerged as a lighthearted and humorous expression by Tiger Shroff, join us as we unveil the cream of the crop in memes from this year. 'Naam Bataiye' Bhupendra Jogi Viral Video Sparks Funny Memes, Reels and Jokes! Check Out the Best Ones That Are Taking Over Social Media.

These Desi memes took the internet by storm, blending catchy beats with quirky lyrics that quickly became earworms for many, 'Billo Bagge Billeyan' captivated audiences with their infectious tunes and playful wordings. Also, who can forget 'Lappu Sa Sachin'? A very random but catchy phrase that took over social media.

Derived from the popular Amazon Prime series "The Boys," this meme format featured characters with captions expressing humorously relatable situations to... of course... the boys! It became a versatile template for creating memes that resonated with diverse experiences and emotions. As cricket fever gripped the globe during the ICC Cricket World Cup, memes flooded social media, offering witty commentary, humorous observations, and playful banter about match outcomes, player antics, and fan reactions. Check out some of the funniest memes and jokes that took over social media this year:

Sachin got called lappu A LOT this year:

Everybody knows Billo Bagge Billeyan da ki Karegi, don't they?


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Of course the Chandrayaan 3 Memes...


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‘Bhupendra Jogi’ Became the Official Reply to 'Apka Naam Kya Hai?'



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Who could forget ‘Moye Moye’?


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'Just looking like a wow'


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While ‘Bhupendra Jogi’ became the official reply to 'Apka Naam Kya Hai?', most Indians suffered from 'Moye Moye' this year while many were 'Just looking like a wow'. Rest assured, these memes have made this year so much happier. Here's to more and more such funny memes and jokes to look forward to in the coming year.

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