Viral: Traffic Comes to Halt in Kerala as Flock of Ducks Crosses Road, Watch Video
Flock of ducks crossing roads (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Thiruvananthapuram, July 29:  In India, traffic gets blocked and affected by the oddest of reasons, be it a dog crossing the road or a cow standing in the middle of a busy street. However, in Alappuzha, traffic was held up when a group of ducks were trying to cross the road. A video is going viral on social media showing several ducks trying to cross the road. Motorists have no option but to wait because of the number of ducks seen on the road. Lion's Face Smashed By Birthday Cake! Kurdish Man Abuses 'Pet' Animal, Apologises After Viral Video Sparks Outrage Online.

Social media is praising the disciplined attitude of the ducks and they are completely in awe looking at the mass movement of the little birds. Television actor Mini Mathur tweeted the video saying that these kinds of traffic jams are "most welcome."

Check the viral video here:

Here is another tweet comparing how these animals are way disciplined that humans

Last year, when the deadliest floods had hit the state, duck owners had lost 94,888 ducks, worth Rs 1,41,46,900. Alappuzha is famous for duck farming in Kerala. Many birds died after the flood due to bacterial infection due to contaminated water during the deluge.