Let's say on a Friday evening, your buddies are raving about the newest hangout in town and exchanging stories, pictures, and updates about the exciting party you choose not to attend. Instead of giving in to the demands of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), you find yourself curled up in your favourite recliner with a hot cocoa cup in your hand and a novel that has been waiting impatiently for you to read. Congratulations! You've joined the "Joy Of Missing Out" (JOMO) movement.

With over 53 million views on TikTok, the #JOMO hashtag has taken up, with users sharing their favourite ways to spend evenings: cooking, reading, sleeping in, or treating oneself. What Is a Beige Flag? Does Your Partner Have Beige Flags? Know Everything About Viral TikTok Dating Trend.

The essential? Put your phone away for the evening, avoid scrolling through social media, and fight the impulse to check for the smallest update. This popular trend encourages individuals to disconnect from technology, relax, and enjoy the luxury of not being a part of the rush. It's an appeal to use your freedom to block out digital noise, disregard buzzing notifications, and enjoy the pure bliss of doing nothing at all.

What Led to Creation of JOMO?

Developed by American entrepreneur Anil Dash in a 2012 blog post, it became known as the remedy for FOMO, or the Fear of Missing Out. Dash recognised he had missed a lot in the month after his son's birth, but he didn't feel bad about it because he was a new parent. Rather, he characterised it as an intensely joyful condition. TikTok Trend Wreaks Havoc in UK Town As Users Recording Videos by Banging on Doors to the Beat of 2012 Club Hit. 

However, JOMO does not mean cutting off all contact with the outside world. It's about making thoughtful decisions and going to events that genuinely matter, not about saying goodbye to your social life. Regarding social media, schedule quiet times to take care of yourself and refuel.

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