Delhi, September 29: The post COVID-19 era has enabled new terms to enter workplace. In the recent past terms such as “Moonlighting” and “Quiet Quitting” have entered into our conversations about the workplace. Recently Wipro fired 300 employees for were working with their rivals, after its Chairman termed it as cheating.

The COVID-19 pandemic not only disrupted everyone's lives with restrictions and a lockdown on public gatherings but has also made people rethink their career choices. What Is Moonlighting? Why Is Everyone Talking About It? Know Everything About the Practice Adopted Widely by Employees During Work From Home Culture

What Is Quiet Quitting? What Does Term Quiet Quitting Mean?

Quite Quitting is the common practice of employees refusing to put in more effort than is required for the job. Experts feel it to be an antidote to the hustle culture. Some also believe that it means doing what one is getting paid to do without taking on the extra work. It is an employment trend where employees do the bare minimum due to lack of motivation or any other reason, do not get fired, take home the salary and that's about it. Quiet Quitting could be because of lack of challenge, recognition, clarity and burnout. 

Where did Quiet Quitting Originate?

Though quiet quitting experienced a surge in popularity in numerous publications following a viral TikTok video which described that work does not have to be life, and people should start to reconsider their work-life needs, its aspects have been in workplace and popular culture since long. The term Quiet Quitting was initially coined at a Texas A&M economics symposium on diminishing ambitions in Venezuela in September 2009 by economist Mark Boldger. Wipro Terminates 300 Employees for Moonlighting With Rival Firms

Working from home has also changed the dynamics of the workplace because employees and managers are communicating in different ways through online meetings. Experts believe that, with changing times, employers need to maintain a appropriate work-life balance and need to set realistic workloads.

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