Agra, October 5: An RTI activist has sought the copy of Lord Krishna's birth certificate and proof that Krishna is a god. The query has left the Mathura district authorities baffled. The authorities were flummoxed and wondered what could be the answer to the man's queries. The RTI activist has been identified as Jainendra Kumar, a resident of Chattisgarh. Timeless Lessons by Lord Krishna from the Bhagavad Gita.

"The country celebrated Krishna Janmashtami on September 3. Please provide a copy of Lord Krishna's birth certificate to prove he was born on this day," Kumar said. He also asked the administration to provide evidence to "prove Lord Krishna was really a God".

Mathura, which is worshipped as Krishna Janambhoomi, is the birthplace of Lord Krishna, and it is believed that he was born in 'Dwapar Yug'. Lord Krishna and His 108 Names With Meanings in Hindi & English.

The Public Information Officer, Ramesh Chandra, while speaking on the topic said that the queries made on the faith cannot be answered in a manner they are asked for.

A priest in Mathura has reportedly said that people do these things to attain popularity and hurt the sentiments of others. He also added that the birth certificate cannot be provided because there was no birth certificate facility during Dwapar yug.

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