British Columbia, January 1: In Canada's British Columbia, an unusual love story has come to the fore. The story involves 45-year-old self-intimacy instructor Sonja Semyonova, who describes herself as an 'ecosexual'. Her romantic partner? An oak tree. Sonja recently wrote about how she came to have a deep connection with nature and turned her everyday walks into amorous adventures with the old oak tree outside her house in a New York Post report. According to Semyonova, the romantic resonance she has with the tree represents the connection she has always looked for in a life partner.

Reflecting on her experiences, Sonja described how she relocated to Vancouver Island in the winter of the year 2020, during the difficulties of the COVID-19 lockdown. She made it a habit to spend time by the oak tree during those chilly months. Man Who 'Married' A Rag Doll Upset After 'Wife Falls Sick', Calls Paramedics To Treat Her.

"I saw a relationship with the tree. If I were against it, I would lie. There was an eroticism with something so big and so old holding my back", she told the NY Post. But there are subtleties to this outlandish love tale. Sonja said that there is no physical contact between an ecosexual and the tree. Rather, it's about being in touch with nature's profound presence and support.

By pointing out that ecosexuality is a unique way to explore the erotic—observing the changing of the seasons, taking in life cycles, and establishing a connection with the underlying life force that emanates from the natural world—she challenged the widespread misconception that ecosexuality is about having sexual relations with nature. British Woman Marries Her Blanket, Describes Relationship With Her Duvet as The 'Most Meaningful One' (Watch Viral Video).

Sonja argued for the wider acceptance of ecosexuality, saying that many individuals already possess features of it, in addition to its personal characteristics. This kind of reconnection with nature, in her opinion, may help solve climate change by encouraging a more harmonious coexistence of humans and the environment.

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