Notorious influencer Andrew Tate was arrested in December, and he is currently in prison in Romania. Andrew, along with his brother Tristian has been detained by the Romanian government because of their involvement in human trafficking, rape, pornographic shooting and many other criminal offences. While the case has kept everyone glued with the updates, there are now reports about Andrew suffering from lung cancer. Some reports suggest that the brothers will soon be released from jail. As Andrew Tate and his brother continue to maintain their innocence, let us know in more detail about the crimes Andrew is suspected of being involved. Who Is Andrew Tate? From His Misogynist Views To Reason Behind His Popularity, Know Everything About Controversial Social Media Influencer.

Why Was Andrew Tate Arrested?

Andrew Tate became renowned as a kickboxer, but soon his misogynist statements and opinions of hatred gave him a notorious reputation. Andrew and his brother Tristian have been accused of running a human trafficking network which forced several women to shoot pornographic content. He is also said to be a member of an organised crime group. Police suspect that Tate is involved in several such illegal activities that harm women.

In his previous statements, Tate has made several controversial statements, such as blaming the survivors of sexual abuse for the assaults on them. He has admitted to hitting women who did not follow his instruction. He boasts about creating online pornography and recruiting women for the same. When he moved to Romania in 2017, he joked that the sexual assault laws were less strict here. Andrew Tate’s Detention on Suspicion of Organized Crime and Human Trafficking Gets Extended for 30 Days by Romanian Court.

In the current case, Tate has been accused of creating an empire that created videos of sexual nature. A lot of young women were forced to live with him. He, along with his brother, is said to have forced these women into prostitution and then sex-scamming them. It is also a case of human trafficking. He is said to have made millions from this activity, harbouring a full-fledged studio for the same. Andrew Tate May Have Lung Cancer, Delay in Biopsy Could Be Fatal, Suggests Leaked 'Medical Report'.

Tate currently denies all these claims and says there is no evidence against him. His detention has been extended for another 30 days, which means he will be in jail till the end of March. It remains to be seen whether Andrew Tate and his brother will be released or will he face stringent punishment for their actions.

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