Woman on Twitter Rants About Bras Costing 6k While Men’s Underwear Just Rs 200, Gets DIY Tutorial on How to Make One at Home As Reply!
DIY bras at home (Photo Credits: twitter)

You must have heard of the pink tax, it is a notion that most women are not even aware of. As per the observation, there is actually a cost women have to pay for being female. There have been rational debates on how women make less but have to pay more for living, moreover, women also live longer so they ideally need more money for retirement but the gender pay gap never helps. However, the debate is on the serious side and will go on forever. But a woman who goes by the handle name @PuneerTikka aka Preetika took to Twitter to ask people, in the funniest way, why a woman has to pay so much for their innerwear and men, in fact, pay way less. "I got bras today for 6K. Why are bras so expensive? Ladko ki chaddi 200 ki milti hai(Men's underwear hardly cost upto 200)," she wrote on Twitter(Really, why are bras so expensive?)

Check Tweet:

The tweet has now gone viral, with some people coming up the weirdest and crappiest answers. But it is one reply that is making people LOL real hard. It is a DIY video of how to make bras out of men's underwear and it is hilarious.

Watch video:

In short, all you need to do is cut some material out of men's briefs' crotch area and wear them like a sports bra for working out. Such underwears also have a small pocket kind of detail that in the video is shown to be used as a space to keep your phones. LOL. You can figure out that it is indeed an impractical hack!