Mumbai, December 19: A woman shared a shocking story of quitting her job and sabotaging her office after being treated poorly by her colleagues. She posted on Reddit about the toxic work culture in her office and how she got back at her boss by changing all the passwords before leaving. This left the entire office in a crisis.

The woman confessed in her post that she had locked her boss out of his email, which had crucial data for the company where she worked. Her story was so popular that Reddit shared it on their Instagram account with the caption “Good for her" and the original post's images. However, her retaliation also sparked discussions about her conduct, which some thought was childish while others supported her. ‘Ok Bud, I’m Out’: Man Spontaneously Resigns After Boss Denies Sick Leave for Fever Without Doctor’s Note, WhatsApp Chat Goes Viral.

Woman Quits Job Over Toxic Work Culture, Changes Everyone's Passwords


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What She Said in Her Defence:

Sharing her side of the story, the woman said, “I don’t even care that this was immature and petty of me. I can’t stress how awfully I was treated in this job, and how the entire team joined in on it. I was the only woman on the team so it could’ve been that but I don’t want to play the gender card. I was never rude to these guys. I’m not too fond of confrontation so I used to be a doormat. I was afraid to rock the boat, so I just accepted how I was treated.”  Australian Bride to Charge Guests ‘No Show Fee’ for Last Moment Cancellation to Attend Her Wedding, Here’s Why.

“One evening, I went home for the night and never went back. I got various calls from them all on WhatsApp asking why I hadn’t shown up and I ignored it. I couldn’t face talking on the phone to them because I was already very upset from the evening before. A week after I quit my job I realised I was still logged into my manager’s account and he hadn’t changed the password. This account was basically the restaurant’s entire database. I decided to change the email to a fake one I’d made, and then I changed everyone’s password so they couldn’t access it," she added.

Concluding the post, the woman mentioned that she was unaware of what happened after that, and there was no further communication from anyone. Additionally, the woman stated that she no longer visits that specific area or part of town.

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