Woman Saved Miraculously After Massive Road Sign Falls on Her Moving Car at Melbourne Freeway (Watch Video)
Car Accident (Photo Credits: YouTube)

Driving amidst traffic can be a really frustrating job. Everything from the vehicle in the front to that one 'smart' driver who overtakes everyone, driving can be exhausting. But for an Australian woman, none of these was the issues. She was driving normally on a freeway when something fell on her car.

In what could otherwise have been a freak accident, this woman was saved miraculously. It was a massive road sign that fell on her moving car damaging it completely. While by-watchers worried for her life, the woman came out alive miraculously with just some minor injuries. Vehicle Runs Over Woman Praying in Temple in Gujarat, Miraculously Survives The Accident (Watch Video)

The 53-year-old was taken to hospital where she was given first aid. The incident happened at Tullamarine freeway in Melbourne. There have been many such accidents in the past where people have been saved from terrible accidents miraculously. Video of Man Walking Away Unhurt Hit by a Truck Goes Viral: Here Are Similar Unbelievable Accidents Where People Survived.

Here is the video of the accident:

The video of the accident has since then gone viral on the internet with people commenting on her luck. The woman was driving the car on a freeway when the overhead sign came tumbling down on her vehicle. Authorities earlier said that they aren't sure what caused the road sign to come off. Acting Victorian Premier Tim Pallas said the state through the Transport Accident Commission, will pay the bill of the damages caused to her car.