The past decade has seen so many new "vaginal trends" to somehow "enhance" the looks, elasticity, feel, smell and taste of vaginas. Although experts have told this a hundred times that your vagina is self-cleaning, people find some or the other way to tamper with the pH of the genitals. Just recently, an ice challenge going viral on TikTok under #Cryotherapy went viral that saw women inserting ice-cubes inside their vaginas.  Some even claimed that inserting ice into the vagina tightens it! There are many invasive and semi-invasive techniques like labiaplasty are done by professionals with Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation if you wish to tighten your lady parts but some women went above and beyond to deal with their vagina. Take a look at some of crazy "remedies" to tighten vagina:

Wasp Nests

Oak galls which are the calcification that forms in trees when wasps lay their larvae has been used for its medicinal purposes usually for cleaning wounds. However, it has been said that it also helps to tighten your vagina and removing vaginal odour. However, while there may be medicinal benefits of Oak galls, it may not necessarily work with your vagina.  After going viral on it had to be removed because of doctors retaliation.

Kim K's ThermiVa

Back in 2017, Kardashian-endorsed vaginal tightening treatment called ThermiVa went viral. Hollywood Life interviewed Kim Kardashian’s celebrity dermatologist Dr Harold Lancer said that it was a "transformative technology for treating a multitude of vaginal issues".

Vaginal Creams

Female-friendly formula to stimulate relaxed vaginal muscles. contains 2 natural root extracts known to inspire orgasmic pleasure.


Ladies are apparently putting toothpaste on their genitals to tighten their "loose" vaginas. Doctors warned them it's a really bad idea - and could do some nasty damage and while it should be common sense to not apply something that is used to clean teeth on such a sensitive area. Putting toothpaste into the vagina, or on the vulva, would not only be uncomfortable but it could also cause serious damage and disrupt the natural flora of the vagina leading to the potential for infections like bacterial vaginosis and thrush

Apple cider vinegar

According to EliteDaily and TV show The Doctors, people are also using cider vinegar to try to tighten up their vagina! As unbelievable at it may sound people are using liquid that has astringent properties to "shrink" their vagina.

Jamu Sticks

This "natural option", the Jamu sticks that claim to provide you with "vaginal cleansing, balancing uterovaginal microflora, elimination of vaginal discharge and odour, tightening of the vagina, increase of libido and intensification of sexual feelings."

Whether it is new vaginal care products or therapies like vaginal steaming, etc. every day we see something new come that has to either be inserted or applied on the female genitals. And these are products we really don't need. From intimate wash creams, herb infusions, to vaginal softner and fillers, someone even thought of vaginal glitter and vaginal jade eggs!


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