An almost 41-year-old Rhinoceros Iguana in Australia Zoo has made won an honour for world's oldest living one in captivity. Iguana named Rhino, which is soon to turn 41 received the Guinness World Record for being the 'World’s Oldest Rhinoceros Iguana'. And the team of Irwin family did celebrate the honour with the big lizard. Picture of Rhino enjoying his favourite treat of hibiscus flower and leaves was shared online by Bindi Irwin and also the Australia Zoo official Twitter handle. ‘Falling Iguanas’ Warning Issued in South Florida As Temperature Expected to Drop Below 45 Degrees on Christmas (Watch Video).

Rhino was born at Taronga Zoo on February 23, 1980 in Sydney and in the year 1993, it was shifted to Australia Zoo. At the moment, he is 40 years 278 days and will turn a year older next month. This is almost double the greatest lifespan of rhino iguanas recorded, which was under 23 years old. Rhino iguanas, native to the Caribbean are found on the island of Hispaniola. The species get their name because of the psuedo-horn like snout in males. Bindi Irwin, shared the Guinness World Record Certificate of Rhino's honour on Twitter. Endangered Indian Rhinoceros Baby Born in Poland’s Wroclaw Zoo, Becomes First To Take Birth in Zoo’s 155-Year History (Watch Video).

Check The Pic of World's Oldest Rhino Iguana in Australia Zoo:

Rhino Enjoying His Treats

People on social media have also congratulated Rhino for this honour and blessed him a long life. The average lifespan of a rhinoceros iguana is about 20 years in captivity. Some of them can live upto a 30 years, but Rhino has successfully passed that mark by a decade! Long live Rhino.

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