The US Presidential Election 2020 has surely given us some of the most interesting and inspiring moments, no one imagined. From highest turnover in votes as compared to 2016 election to senior citizens enthusiastically reaching the ballots to vote, despite their age, we are all hooked with the latest updates from the election. Although no winner has been declared yet, democratic Vice-President Candidate Kamala Harris is already inspiring the next generation to dream big. Sharing a precious moment with her great-niece, Amara, Kamala can be heard telling her that she could be President. The viral video of the Vice-President nominee motivating her great-niece to reach the highest political office in the country is surely the motivation all kids around the world need right now.

Ever since she was nominated as Vice-President candidate from the democratic party, Kamala has gained international momentum. Her connection to the Indian roots, and being the first Black woman to compete on a major party’s presidential ticket, Kamala stood as an icon to many. During the campaign, she would make the headlines almost every next day.

With the neck and neck battle between Donald Trump and Joe Biden for US Presidential Election, the 56-year-old took some time off from the chaos and uncertainty to spend it with her great-niece. Kamala’s niece, Meena Harris, shared the video on Twitter, and it shows her young daughter, Amara, sitting on Kamala’s lap for the pep talk. “You could be president, but not right now. You have to be over the age of 35,” she can be heard saying to her great-niece, who, as per Meena, wants to be both President and an Astronaut. It is the sweetest video, we all have seen amid the election and netizens are so inspired to dream big.

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Go Kamala!

If she and presidential nominee Joe Biden wins, Kamala would be the first female Vice President, as well as the first Black and South Asian American VP. The counting is on and states decisions’ are yet to be announced that will determine the winner of US Presidential Election 2020.

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