Online food search and delivery service Zomato has tried their best to keep up with their standards to meet the demands of their customers. In the times when any damage to the brand integrity can majorly affect the business, Zomato has ensured they make amends against any complaints. But a customer executive recently goofed up while addressing a complaint and made matters worse. A woman from Delhi had a roasted fly on her Biryani order and she wrote to the customer care complaining about the unasked for 'extra topping.' While reverting to her complaint, the executive, however, asked the concerned restaurant to add one more roasted fly on her order.

Bhagyashree Singh from Delhi had ordered for a Biryani and was obviously displeased when it came with an 'extra topping' of a fly! She complained to the customer service and got a quick response assuring amends, "Trust me I am here I will help you for sure and I will do everything to make the things right. Just allow me a moment to connect with the restaurant and I will get back to you with a update." However, the next message from the executive worsened the case when it read, "I have updated the same to the restaurant, they will add an extra topping of dead roasted house fly in your biryani." This goof-up was shared by Bhagyashree on her Twitter account and everyone had a good laugh.

Take a look at the woman's tweet about Zomato executive's goof up:

Zomato was then quick to reply to their goof up and replied on Twitter that they would fix things. She was sportive enough and even asked the company to not fire the concerned executive. Zomato Customer Care’s Chat With Mumbai Man in Shuddh Hindi Is Going Viral and We Can’t Stop Smiling. 

Take a look at her next tweets:

Well, Bhagyashree was kind enough to let go of the error. While talking about the error to News18, she said, "I like Zomato and the person was genuinely sorry. It was an honest mistake. I don’t want this person to be fired."

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