The global popularity of cricket betting is rising, especially in India. As a result, a large variety of betting markets, many with competitive odds, are available at most sportsbooks. An effective betting strategy might provide you with an advantage. It is if your goal is to consistently win when betting on cricket. To assist you in getting started, here is a thorough rundown of proven cricket betting tactics. Do not forget to follow Exchmarket for riveting betting tips and updates on IPL 2024.

Proven IPL strategies and betting tips

Accurate prediction-making and comprehension of individual cricket matches depend on research and analysis. It is therefore the most important component of your entire betting strategy.

Numerous pieces of information, including noteworthy statistics and trends that can be used to forecast a game's outcome, can be found through research and analysis.

Particularly significant are statistical data, such as past scoring information. We advise concentrating on the following three elements:

Team performance

While some cricket teams do better than others, other circumstances, such as player rearrangement, might have an impact on a team's performance.

You may also get useful information regarding future performance by looking over the scoring records of both teams, particularly when it comes to head-to-head scoring.

Form of Player

Each cricket player contributes to the team's overall performance. A player who is in form, for instance, can lead a team to victory, but a player who is weak or injured can undermine their team. Go deeper and examine each player's unique form as a result. The most recent and significant professional statistics for a player are available on their official team's website under their profile. Reports frequently include this data as well.

Batting average and rankings

Official batting rankings are determined by tallying the runs that every batsman in a cricket match has scored. They can provide you with important information about the overall performance of a player or team. A good performance is indicated by a high batting rating, whereas a poor performance is indicated by a low one.

Try placing bets with more value

It's not wise to wager on every cricket betting market. For instance, there are risky and unexpected cricket matches. Furthermore, certain cricket betting sites have limited payouts due to their low odds. Therefore, we advise placing bets on marketplaces that provide value wagers.

Value bets have little risk and good odds. Typically, it is placing a wager on an underdog with potential who is currently underestimated.

It's also important to remember that certain bookmakers give out additional cash rewards for wagers on victorious underdogs. It takes in-depth investigation and analysis to find these value wagers.

Read pitch and weather reports

As an enthusiastic and passionate IPL bettor, you need to read the pitch and weather report of each match. This way, you can predict how the match will turn out to be. For example, the bowlers get an advantage if the pitch is dry and has no grass. The batters gain an advantage if the pitch is a bit greener.

The home team usually has an advantage over the away team at their home ground. Betting on the home team would be beneficial for you.

Get tips from expert tipsters

Worldwide, millions of individuals wager on cricket, and many of them frequently exchange betting strategies and ideas. Depending on how accurate they are, cricket betting advice might be useful.

On the internet, anyone can offer betting advice on cricket. Nevertheless, novice and recreational bettors' cricket betting advice can be unreliable.

For this reason, we advise you to only follow the advice of seasoned handicappers or professional tipsters who have a track record of winning.

It is important to keep in mind that some seasoned tipsters may demand a nominal price for their advice, but if the advice is true, the possible gains may outweigh the expenses. Read tips from expert tipsters like Exchmarket and sharpen your betting skills.

Manage your bankroll

Managing your bankroll or having a budget and maintaining it is considered one of the best strategies in IPL betting. You should be ready to win and lose money while entering the online betting arena.

Proper budget management can do wonders for your betting journey. You should always keep in mind to never bet more than you can afford.


The IPL 2024 is almost here! We are trying to add to the fun by providing the best strategies and tips you can use. Cricket betting is a fun activity and at the same time risky. To dodge the risky bumps on the way, follow these tips and tricks properly. Meanwhile, follow Exchmarket for more tips and updates on the upcoming IPL 2024.