Is Mohammad Hafeez coronavirus positive or negative? No one around the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) seems to have an answer to this. A day after testing positive in tests conducted by the PCB’s medical team, the former Pakistan captain underwent a test in a private medical facility and tested negative but latest reports state that the hospital which conducted the tests on all Pakistan players and officials did a retest on the sample they had taken from Hafeez and it showed a positive result again. Is Hafeez COVID-19 positive or negative then? 10 Pakistani Players Tested Positive for COVID-19, Inzamam-Ul-Haq Slams PCB Medical Staff.

The mystery surrounding the tests – all three – only gets murkier by the day with the PCB even mulling disciplinary actions against the veteran cricketer for not going into quarantine when he first tested positive. Hafeez, who is part of Pakistan squad for the England tour, had tested positive along with nine other cricketers and an official when the board conducted the first round of tests on Tuesday. Mohammad Hafeez Says He Tested Negative For COVID-19 Day After PCB Announces Positive Result.

But not satisfied with the result, Hafeez underwent a second test – this time in his own capacity in a private medical facility – and even uploaded the report on social media which showed he had tested negative. It created confusion and therefore, as per reports, the board asked Shaukat Khanum Memorial hospital, which had conducted the first round of tests, to do a retest of the sample they had obtained from Hafeez and once again the reports showed a COVID-19 positive result.

Mohammad Hafeez Posts Copy of COVID-19 Negative Report

“This is a very intriguing situation for the board. It will be interesting to see what is the result of the second test taken today of the 10 players, who tested positive in the first test earlier this week will come,” news agency PTI quoted a source as saying. The test result and Hafeez’s actions have also reportedly upset the PCB.

The board has conducted the second round of tests on all the 10 players, including Hafeez and the results will be out on Saturday. Meanwhile, if Hafeez tests positive on Saturday, he could face severe disciplinary action from the PCB for breaking protocols.

But according to a close aide of Hafeez, the cricketer had got a second test done not to prove the board wrong but for his own satisfaction. He was “very disturbed” after the positive result. “That is why he took a second test privately as a precautionary measure he had no intention to embarrass the authorities,” the source said.

Meanwhile, former Pakistan captain and legend Inzamam-ul-Haq has hit out at the PCB for neglecting and ignoring the health conditions of players who tested positive for COVID-19. “My sources have told me that the PCB’s medical staff did not attend calls of these players for two days, which is a really bad attitude,” Inzamam said on his YouTube show.

“The players were sent home, I felt they should have been take care for. The players who have tested positive would have thought that PCB is not supporting them at this difficult time,” he added.

Reports also said that if the results of the second test, for players who tested positive in the first round, show positive results then those players will be replaced in the squad for the England tour and will go in quarantine. (With Inputs From PTI).

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