176/9 (24.0 ov)UAE
HK 179/8 (23.3 ov)
CRR: 7.61 | Hong Kong beat United Arab Emirates by 2 wickets (D/L method)

HK beat United Arab Emirates by 2 wickets (D/L method) | UAE vs Hong Kong, Highlights And Cricket Score Final Exhibition ODI Match

Asia Cup Qualifier, 2018

Date: Sep 06, 2018 Start Time: 07:00 IST | 01:30 GMT | 09:30 Local
Venue: Kinrara Academy Oval, Kuala Lumpur

UAE vs Hong Kong Highlights And Cricket Score Final Match - Exhibition ODI Summary

End of Over : 23.3 HK: 179/8

So that ends the Asia Cup Qualifiers. Two of the best teams made it to the final and in a humdinger, Hong Kong edged out UAE. The main tournament, Asia Cup, starts in around 10 days - Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Hong Kong playing against each other in Dubai. Bangladesh and Sri Lanka set the tournament alight, on Saturday, 15th September, 2018 at 1400 local (1000 GMT). ADIOS! TAKE CARE!

Winning Hong Kong skipper, Anshuman Rath, credits his team for playing such an awesome game. Admits that the run chase was going away from them in the middle overs but the lower order hung in, stuck it out and won it for them. Praises UAE for going hammer and tongs after the rain break and accepts that the momentum was with his opposition but stresses that his own team believed in what it can do and came out triumphant.

UAE captain, Rohan Mustafa, is disappointed on not being able to qualify for the Asia Cup. But shows great gesture in congratulating Hong Kong on their qualification. Feels that in such games, luck is a big factor and his team did not have much of that today. Reckons that the game was lost only on the last ball because on such tracks, it is not easy to score 180.

Aizaz Khan has been named the Man Of The Final for his brilliant 5-fer. Says that he is feeling very happy and excited for the Asia Cup. Credits the entire team for the success. On the bowling, he reckons that Hong Kong got a good start with the ball and he just concentrated on keeping the ball in the right areas.

Earlier in the day, UAE, after being put in to bat, started off well, only to be pegged back by wickets. Then, rain came and we had a stoppage in play for more than 4 hours. But after that, when play resumed, the batsmen clobbered more than 100 runs in the last 8 overs to reach a massive score of 176 after the game was curtailed to 24 overs.

After Hong Kong lost their way in the middle stages of the innings, Christopher Carter and Ehsan Khan's association at the crease helped them stabilize the chase with a gritty 53-run 5th wicket partnership. Aizaz Khan and Tanwir Afzal then gave valuable support to Scott McKechnie who ensured Hong Kong enter their first Asia Cup tournament. Their happiness was evident from the way the entire team ran onto the field in celebration. Big moment in Hong Kong cricket and commiserations to UAE for fighting hard and reaching so far.

The UAE bowlers tried hard with all their bowlers picking up at least a wicket each. Hence, you cannot point a finger at any specific weak link in their bowling attack. However, apart from Amir Hayat, all others conceded runs at more than 6 an over. That is exactly the reason for their defeat today. No other bowler was able to contain the Hong Kong onslaught.

The game swung both ways, like a pendulum, throughout the innings until the very last over. Hong Kong started their chase on a strong note with both openers firing on all cylinders and scoring 53 in PowerPlay 1, that too without losing any wicket. However, the UAE bowlers pulled the game back in balance by picking up some quick wickets in the middle overs. Hong Kong's lower order then had the onus of getting their side over the line and that's exactly what they did.

What a close fought encounter we have just witnessed! Hong Kong in the end, just scraping across the finishing line with 3 balls and 2 wickets remaining. Credit must be given to the Hong Kong keeper, Scott McKechnie, for staying till the end and finishing it off, much to the delight of his team.

Spare me some breath, folks. This has been a real humdinger. Who would have thought that Hong Kong will win? But they have turned that distant dream into a reality.

23.3 1

Amir Hayat to Ehsan Nawaz. HONG KONG ARE THROUGH TO THE ASIA CUP! The final run has come via a bye. A short ball, around off, angling in, Nawaz looks to pull but misses. The ball climbs higher onto the keeper behind who is unable to adjust and fumbles - resulting in the batsmen taking a bye! The entire Hong Kong team is surrounding the two batsmen in the middle. What a tournament for them and what a result. Congratulations!

23.2 1

Amir Hayat to Scott McKechnie. A short ball outside off, McKechnie gets across and looks to flick but misses and is hit on the ribs. The ball deflects away to the off side and the batsmen take a single. Just 1 needed now!

23.1 1

Amir Hayat to Ehsan Nawaz. DIRECT HIT WOULD HAVE SEEN WICKET NUMBER 9! Outside off, Nawaz plays it towards point and sets off for a quick single. He is a bit slow off the blocks and the fielder has a shy at the bowler's end. Misses. Replays show that even the dive would not have saved the batsman!

End of Over : 23 8 Runs 23.3: 176/8
22.6 W

Shaiman Anwar to Tanwir Afzal. OUT! The fun is not over yet! Number 8 is down. A short ball, Afzal swings this over mid on and seems to have cleared long on but dear me, has found the fielder in the deep! We are heading down to the wire, folks...

22.5 1

Shaiman Anwar to Scott McKechnie. Outside off, dabbed to short third man for a quick single.

22.4 1

Shaiman Anwar to Tanwir Afzal. The batsman flicks it away with a wristy shot. One run added to the total.

22.3 4

Shaiman Anwar to Tanwir Afzal. FOUR! WHOOSH! A short ball outside off, Afzal pulls it over mid-wicket and splits the fielders in the deep! Crucial boundary.

22.2 1

Shaiman Anwar to Scott McKechnie. On middle, flicked through square leg for a single.

22.2 wd

Shaiman Anwar to Scott McKechnie. WIDE. Down the leg side, Scott misses his flick.

22.1 0

Shaiman Anwar to Scott McKechnie. Comes down the track, McKechnie looks to flick but misses and is hit on the pads.

End of Over : 22 16 Runs 23.3: 168/7
21.6 1

Mohammad Naveed to Scott McKechnie. On a length around off, tapped to the off side for a quick run. Sensible cricket. 16 from the over!

21.5 1

Mohammad Naveed to Tanwir Afzal. Almost in the blockhole, Tanwir looks to drive it through the covers but the ball swings in, takes the inside edge and squirts through square leg. A single results.

21.4 1

Mohammad Naveed to Scott McKechnie. On a length around off, Scott gets across and looks to tuck but the ball goes off the leading edge towards cover. A run taken.

21.3 6

Mohammad Naveed to Scott McKechnie. SIX! Innovative! Full and outside off, McKechnie gets across and scoops it way over fine leg! 14 needed from 15 balls now.

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