ENG beat AUS by 1 wicket | Australia vs England Live Cricket Score 5th ODI Match

Australia in England, 5 ODI Series, 2018

Date: Jun 24, 2018 Start Time: 15:30 IST | 10:00 GMT | 11:00 Local
Venue: Old Trafford, Manchester
205/10 Overs: 34.4
208/9 Overs: 48.3
England beat Australia by 1 wicket

Australia vs England Live Cricket Score - 5th ODI Match - Summary

End of Over : 48.3 ENG: 208/9

So that is it from the final game of the series. Morgan and his teammates now lift the cup, spill champagne everywhere. Happy moments for the home side. The away side on the other hand, did really well in the last game but they still have a lot to improve. Cricketing action though does not end here as you can catch all the action from the second day of the third Test between West Indies and Sri Lanka by switching tabs. Till then, take care and goodbye.

48.3 4

FOUR! ENGLAND WIN BY 1 WICKET! A length ball in the zone outside off, Jos crunches it through covers for a boundary. Buttler leaps in joy and the crowd has gone bonkers. What a win! What a terrific win! Jos Buttler, take a bow. Smiles all around in the English camp. Mission 5-0 accomplished.

48.2 0

In line of the stumps, Buttler shows his back leg first to put off the bowler but then stays back and defends it down.

48.1 0

A length ball on middle, Buttler helps it through mid-wicket but denies the single. Taking no chance now.

End of Over : 48 3 Runs ENG: 204/9
47.6 1

Looks for the yorker but fails to execute it properly. A full toss on off, Buttler pushes it firmly down to long off for a single. 2 needed more. England's game to lose.

47.5 1

Wrong line, it's full and on middle and leg, Ball flicks it behind square leg and they cross for a run. Buttler is back on strike, England 3 away, can he hit a boundary?

47.4 0

A length ball on off, Ball stays back and pushes it to covers.

47.3 0

This is pressure and Ball is dealing with it quite well. Gets a fullish ball on off, once again moving in and he drives it to covers.

47.2 0

Very full and swinging back into the batsman, Ball does well to keep it out towards covers.

47.1 1

What? Just a single. Has Buttler misjudged this? A full ball around off, it's been driven down to long off and he crosses for a run. It stays that way as the fielder is quite active in returning the ball back.

End of Over : 47 0 Runs ENG: 201/9
46.6 0

Gets behind the line of the delivery and defends. HUGE CHEER from the English crowd. Well done, Jake Ball. He has survived. Over to Buttler now.

46.5 0

Full and on middle, flicked away but straight to short fine leg.

46.4 0

Agar delivers it around off, Ball brings his bat down in time to keep it out safely.

46.3 0

Very full and on off, Ball drives it through the line and it goes on one bounce to the cover fielder.