WI beat BAN by 166 runs | West Indies vs Bangladesh Live Cricket Score 2nd Test Match

Bangladesh in West Indies, 2 Test Series, 2018

Date: Jul 12, 2018 Start Time: 20:30 IST | 15:00 GMT | 10:00 Local
Venue: Sabina Park, Kingston, Jamaica
1st Inn - 354/10(112.0) 2nd Inn - 129/10(45.0)
1st Inn - 149/10(46.1) 2nd Inn - 168/10(42.0)
West Indies beat Bangladesh by 166 runs

West Indies vs Bangladesh Live Cricket Score - 2nd Test Match - Summary

End of Over : 42.0 BAN: 168/10

Time for the glory moment. Jason Holder has the trophy in his hands and is posing along with his teammates for photographs. They have big smiles on their faces. The hosts will be really happy with the series win. Their bowling was highly impressive and on every occasion, they bowled out Bangladesh. The away side need to improve drastically. The tour is not done yet as the shorter formats are to follow, 3 ODIs and 3 T20Is to be precise. They are a potent team in white-ball cricket and they will be eager to prove that. Join us for the 1st ODI at 0930 Local (1330 GMT) in Guyana to catch all the action. Till then, cheers!

41.6 W

OUT! Bowled 'em! Holder finishes off in style, taking a 6-fer in this innings. He has his hands aloft, a terrific performance from the home team. Attacks the stumps with a full ball, Jayed tries to turn it across but the ball swings back in to hit the stumps. Customary handshakes all around. WINDIES WIN BY 166 RUNS, TAKING THE SERIES 2-0.

41.5 0

Length ball outside off, played off the outer half of the bat towards point.

41.4 0

Shortish ball outside off, played with an angled bat towards backward point.

41.3 0

Angling to Jayed as he clips it to mid-wicket.

41.2 0

Back of a length ball, kept out watchfully.

41.1 W

OUT! Can't get more adjacent than that! Holder bags a 10-fer to his name and he has a big smile on his face. He has been belligerent all through and has got the rewards as well. He hurls in a fuller length ball around off and it seams back in sharply to go past the defense of Islam to ping him on the back pad. As soon as Jason rises up in his appeal, the dreaded finger of the umpire goes up.

End of Over : 41 6 Runs BAN: 168/8
40.6 0

Full and wide outside off, Islam goes after it but misses.

40.5 2

Through the off side this time! Not a boundary but a couple. Full and outside off, Taijul drives it square on the off side for a brace.

40.4 4

FOUR! Good shot! Played it with the swing! Full and on middle, Taijul flicks it over square leg and the ball races to the fence.

40.3 0

Shorter in length on middle, Islam mistimes his pull back to the bowler.

40.2 0

Fuller in length on middle, it is hit to mid on.

40.1 0

The batsman shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot.