ENG beat SL by 42 runs | England vs Sri Lanka Live Cricket Score 3rd Test Match

England in Sri Lanka, 3 Test Series, 2018

Date: Nov 23, 2018 Start Time: 10:00 IST | 04:30 GMT | 10:00 Local
Venue: Sinhalese Sports Club, Colombo
1st Inn - 336/10(92.5) 2nd Inn - 230/10(69.5)
1st Inn - 240/10(65.5) 2nd Inn - 284/10(86.4)
England beat Sri Lanka by 42 runs

England vs Sri Lanka Live Cricket Score - 3rd Test Match - Summary

End of Over : 86.4 SL: 284/10

It has been a lot of fun covering all these matches and there was a good contest between bat and ball. That's all for now! Adios and take care! Do switch tabs to follow up on the other crazy Test match going on between Pakistan and New Zealand where Yasir Shah has picked up his best figures in Test cricket. Cheers!

86.4 W

OUT! England have done it! It's clipping the leg pole and the umpire's call stays! England win by 42 runs and whitewash Sri Lanka 3-0, an achievement for them outside home after 56 long years. This one is flatter and on middle and off. Lakmal misses the forward defense and gets hit low on the pads. They appeal and the umpire raises his finger after thinking for a while. Lakmal has no other option but to opt for the DRS. The ball is sliding down but Ball Tracker feels that it would have clipped the leg stump. That's what matters then and the hosts have fallen, but not without a fight. Jack Leach was the one who started it off today with a great direct hit and he is the one to end it with an LBW. His fourth wicket of the innings. Also, one for the records - It was the 100th wicket by a spinner in this series.

86.3 0

Flighted ball, Lakmal comes ahead and defends it towards cover.

86.2 0

This one is short and on the pads, flicked away to square leg off the back foot.

86.1 0

Flatter on middle, Lakmal defends it off the back foot.

End of Over : 86 3 Runs SL: 284/9
85.6 0

Very well played! Gets behind the ball and plays this with a straight bat. That will be Tea on Day 4.

85.5 0

Fuller ball on off, Pushpakumara swings hard but gets it off the inner half towards mid-wicket.

85.5 1

WIDE! Short ball over the head height of Pushpakumara. Wide given by the umpire.

85.4 1

Length ball around off, cut towards backward point for a quick single.

85.3 1

Well played. Gets behind this fuller ball and drives it towards covers for one.

85.2 0

No mercy! Broad goes short again on the body. Pushpakumara ducks under it.

85.1 0

Nasty! very nasty! Short ball, keeps a bit low. Pushpakumara tries to duck underneath it by taking his eyes off the ball. He takes a blow on the back of his helmet and is looking shaken up.

End of Over : 85 10 Runs SL: 281/9
84.6 0

So close yet so far. Off spinner on off, Lakmal goes for the booming drive but misses it. The ball just passes the stumps.

84.5 1

MP has worked it off his pads behind square. One run added to the total.

84.4 4

FOUR! Another boundary to Pushpakumara and under 50 needed now for a win. This is getting close. Down the leg side, Malinda sweeps it fine through the leg side for a boundary.