NZ beat IND by 4 runs | New Zealand vs India Live Cricket Score 3rd I T20 Match

India in New Zealand, 3 T20 International Series, 2019

Date: Feb 10, 2019 Start Time: 12:30 IST | 07:00 GMT | 20:00 Local
Venue: Seddon Park, Hamilton
212/4 Overs: 20.0
208/6 Overs: 20.0
New Zealand beat India by 4 runs

Match Commentary

New Zealand vs India Live Cricket Score - 3rd I T20 match - Commentary

End of Over : 20.0 NZ: 212/4

The bowling looked out-of-sorts for India. The only bowler to have a good outing was Kuldeep Yadav who went for just 26 off his 4 overs and picked up 2 wickets. The rest of the bowlers were taken to the cleaners. Special treatment went to Krunal Pandya who went for more than 50 runs in his quota. The score looks to be above par and it will take a special performance from the Indian batsmen to scale down. The Kiwi bowlers have a mountain of runs to defend and should feel comfortable. What will happen though? Who will be smiling at the end of the 2nd innings? Find out with us as the chase begins in a bit...

A mammoth score has been put up by the Kiwis. This will take some chasing down. Rohit Sharma won the toss and put the Kiwis in on a belter of a wicket. What followed was the Seifert-Munro show. Just like the first T20I, they got their team off to a brilliant start. The openers reached 80 before they were separated in the 8th over. That did not deter the Kiwis as the runs kept flowing. Munro smashed the bowlers to all parts but was also helped by the sloppy fielding of the Indians. He finally fell for 72 but the rest of the New Zealand batsmen continued the good work. Everyone who came in played small, important knocks. The total was propelled to a massive 212 thus.

19.6 4

FOUR! No, he can't. Taylor smashes this one for a boundary and NEW ZEALAND FINISH WITH 212/4 on the board. A short of a length slower one outside off and it's pulled away wide of deep mid-wicket for a boundary.

19.5 1

Full toss outside off, Mitchell fails to connect too well and mistimes this one on the bounce to long off. Good over this after the six off the first ball. Can Khaleel end it well?

19.4 1

Shorter one on middle, slower this time. Pulled away to deep mid-wicket for a run and brings Mitchell on strike.

19.3 0

Two in a row. The pace is up this time, around 135 clicks. Taylor comes down the track and looks to force it away through cover but fails to put bat on ball. It's past the stumps on the full.

19.2 0

Slower ball on a fuller length this time, Taylor tries to smash it through cover but the ball goes off the outside edge. Goes towards Dhoni but just lands short. Dot ball.

19.1 6

SIX! Powerfully struck! A short of a length ball sitting up to be hit, Ross sits back and pulls this one over the head of deep square leg. It goes a few rows back.

Khaleel to bowl the final over.

End of Over : 19 8 Runs NZ: 200/4
18.6 0

Slower ball to end the over. Mitchell is foxed as he looked to smash it over long on. Misses it and it is a dot ball.

18.5 4

FOUR! The 200 is up for the hosts! Courtesy a top edge. A shorter length ball outside off and Daryl throws the kitchen sink at that one. The ball takes the top edge, flies over the head of short fine leg. Was really high and the fielder tries to run back from short fine leg, another one from deep square leg tries to come around but the ball beats them both.

18.4 1

Fuller length ball on off, pushed away wide of long off for a single by Rosco.

18.3 2

Length ball outside off, pushed away to deep cover by Taylor as picks up a couple.

Ross Taylor walks in at number 6.

18.2 W

OUT! Good death bowling. A nice fuller length ball wide of off stump and Grandhomme reaches out for that ball and looks to smash it over cover. The ball takes the outside edge and goes to Dhoni who does not make any mistake. The ball would have been a wide had he left that alone. A good result for India though, a wicket and a dot ball.

18.1 1

Short of a length outside off, pulled away wide of long on for a single by Daryl.

End of Over : 18 10 Runs NZ: 192/3
17.6 0

Good yorker length ball just outside leg. Colin comes inside the line and looks to run that one fine but the ball goes off the pads and Dhoni makes a good stop. Dot ball to end the 10-run over.

17.5 1

Length ball outside off, punched hard wide of long off by Mitchell for a single. Good fielding in the deep does not allow for the second run.

17.4 3

Terrific effort in the deep by Shankar! Short delivery around off, de Grandhomme stands back to pull it across the line but fails to middle it properly. It flies towards deep mid-wicket where Shankar comes running in, puts in a dive but it probably brushes his fingers and falls behind. They've managed to run three.

17.3 1

Fine delivery, a low full toss on off, dipping into the batsman, Mitchell pushes it back to the bowler who misfields and concedes a run.

17.2 4

FOUR! What a shot that is from Mitchell! A leg stump half-volley, Daryl leans forward and across before flicking it handsomely to the deep mid-wicket fence.

17.1 1

Dropped! Really good effort from the Indian skipper. A length ball outside off and Grandhomme smashes it uppishly through the line. Rohit at extra cover is a little late to react, moves to the right and dives to take that one. The ball does not stick though and goes towards mid off for a single. Will Colin make the most of this chance? Hardik is feeling hard done by as it is the second catch gone down off his bowling.

Hardik Pandya to bowl the 18th over.

End of Over : 17 15 Runs NZ: 182/3
16.6 4

FOUR! Errs in execution this time and concedes a boundary. Full toss on middle, Mitchell smashes it straight over the bowler's head for a boundary. 15 from the over. New Zealand charging towards a total of 200-plus.

16.5 1

That's the line and length we associate with Kumar. Keeping it fullish and in the line of the stumps, offering nothing to the batsman, Colin forces it down to long on for one.

16.4 1

Yorker around off, Mitchell digs it out towards wide long on for a single.

16.3 1

A full toss on middle this time, de Grandhomme hits it across the line through mid-wicket for a run.

16.2 4

FOUR! Poor line from Bhuvi. Brings third man up and bowls it short and wide outside off. Colin needs no second invitation to put it away through backward point.

16.1 4

FOUR! Good start to the over for the Kiwis! Kumar eyes the yorker first up but ends up slipping a full toss outside off, de Grandhomme drills it through the gap between mid off and extra cover.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar is back to bowl at the death.

End of Over : 16 16 Runs NZ: 167/3
15.6 1

Fuller and quicker wide outside off, CdG drives it hard to covers. A single is taken. Krunal, the MOM in the previous game, has been taken to the cleaners today. 16 runs off this over as he ends with 4-0-54-0.

15.6 1

Wide! That seemed a harsh decision but it will stand. Pandya goes wide outside off, Colin does not play a shot, looking to leave it. The umpire feels its outside the tramline and hence, signals it a wide.

15.5 4

FOUR! This game is unfair for the bowlers. A good ball outside off and de Grandhomme reaches out to smash it, gets an outside edge and the ball flies over short third man for a boundary. Fifty up, for the bowler that is.

15.4 2

This time Colin reaches out and mistimes his shot towards the left of deep point. Two runs are taken.

15.3 0

Again wide outside off, this time it is inside the tramline. De Grandhomme misses his hit over the off side.

15.3 1

Wide! Bowled waywardly outside off. The umpire penalizes.

15.2 6

SIX! In the arc and out of the park. A flatter one but it lands as a half-volley on middle, Colin powers it over deep mid-wicket for a maximum. No, no, no says Dhoni from behind the wickets.

15.1 1

Flatter one on middle, worked away deep on the leg side for a run.

Krunal Pandya is back on.

End of Over : 15 11 Runs NZ: 151/3
14.6 0

Brilliant last 3 balls from Khaleel to end a 11-run over. A length ball outside off as he comes back to over the wicket to de Grandhomme. Colin is beaten as he looked to push inside the line.

14.5 1

Starts off with a bumper to Mitchell outside off, Daryl pulls it away to deep mid-wicket for a single and gets off the mark.

Daryl Mitchell is in next.

14.4 W

OUT! Caught at short fine leg. Williamson has to go. A pacy short of a length ball from around the wicket by Khaleel, Kane comes inside the line and looks to pull it over fine leg who was in the circle. The ball comes onto him too quickly though and goes high in the air but not far enough. Kuldeep settles under it and takes a simple catch. New Zealand won't mind as the runs are what matter now and lots of big-hitting batsmen are left.

14.3 4

FOUR! Master! Caresses this fuller one outside off with such great timing for a boundary through covers. Brilliant batting. 150 is up here for the hosts.

14.2 2

Short of a length on top of middle, pulled away to deep square leg for a couple this time.

14.1 4

FOUR! Powered away by Williamson. A length ball outside off and Kane is on his toes as he drives this ball wide of deep cover where Shankar makes a good effort but cannot stop the ball.

Khaleel Ahmed is back on.

End of Over : 14 5 Runs NZ: 140/2
13.6 1

On the pads, flicked away to deep mid-wicket for a single by Kane. Kuldeep ends a superb spell with figures of 4-0-26-2.

13.5 1

Short outside off, punched to long off for a single.

13.4 2

First ball and Grandhomme goes for a smash over long off. The ball goes off his outside edge and flies wide of backward point uppishly. 2 runs taken. The intent is clear from de Grandhomme.

13.3 1

Worked away to deep mid-wicket for a single by Williamson.

Colin de Grandhomme in next in.

13.2 W

OUT! Smart stuff from Kuldeep! Munro departs for 72. Relief for Khaleel. A flighted ball well outside off, Munro wants to hit it for a maximum and goes chasing after that ball. Tries it fetch it from wide outside off but it takes the top edge and goes to Hardik, who comes running in from long on. Takes a good catch and sends back the danger man. Finally, a second wicket for the bowling team. Colin will be disappointed. There was a century for the taking. Anyway, a good reply by him to the selectors who have dropped him from the ODI squad.

13.1 0

Tossed up delivery outside off, turning away, Munro leaves it thinking it to be a wide. Not given.

End of Over : 13 17 Runs NZ: 135/1
12.6 1

Short of a length on top of middle, Munro rocks back and flat-bats it back to long off for a single. An over which should have got them the wicket of the set batsman, Munro, has ended up going for 17 runs.

12.5 4

Four leg byes! A sharp short ball hurrying up the batsman, Munro tries pulling but it takes his arms and flies just over a leaping short third man fielder for a boundary.

12.4 6

SIX! Boom! That's a powerful hit. This one is right in the zone for Munro, he flexes his arms and dismisses it over long on for a maximum. He has three figures in his mind at the moment.

12.3 4

FOUR! Misfield this time by Shankar! It's spreading. First a dropped catch and now this. Momentum in T20 is so crucial. New Zealand had it before losing Seifert, then a wicket meant India stormed back but it's again slipping away from the Men in Blue. A low full toss on middle, Munro whips it across the line through mid-wicket and it races away. Shankar in the deep moves across to his right, puts in a dive but fails to stop it cleanly.

12.2 1

Good length delivery around off, Williamson punches it off his back foot through cover-point for a run.

12.1 1

DROPPED! That is a sitter! Khaleel Ahmed, the man in the firing line. A slower ball on middle and leg, Munro looks to turn it away on the leg side. The ball goes off the top edge and high in the air towards short fine leg. Khaleel Ahmed has lots of time to settle under it and take it. He settles but lets it go through. Huge let-off for the batsman, that too of Munro's caliber. He could hurt the Indians here.

Change in bowling. Rohit Sharma brings back Hardik Pandya.

End of Over : 12 8 Runs NZ: 118/1
11.6 0

Peach! Williamson does not seem to be reading the variations here. Another wrong 'un! The ball is on a good length and goes the other way and Williamson is beaten as he plays inside the line of the ball.

11.5 4

FOUR! That has just kept running away from the fielder. A flatter one outside off, going the other way, Williamson gets a thick outside edge as he looked to drive off the back foot. The ball runs away from Pant at short third man as he was chasing it.

11.4 1

A slider this time on off stump line, Munro was playing for the turn as he looked to drive. The ball comes off the inside edge and goes towards the leg side for a run.

11.3 1

Lots of air on this one on middle, Kane drives it to cover-point for another single.

11.2 1

Slower outside off and turning away from the lefty, Munro reaches out and cuts it away to deep point for a run.

11.1 1

Full and flighted on middle, Williamson eases it down to long on for a run.

End of Over : 11 14 Runs NZ: 110/1
10.6 4

FOUR! Smashed over cover. Munro is seriously timing them really well here. A full and flatter one outside off, it is just hit over the infield for a boundary with ease.

10.5 1

Punched off the back foot for a single towards cover. Pant makes a good stop there.

10.4 1

Another slog from the southpaw but this time the ball goes off the inside half and to deep square leg all along the skirting. Only a run.

10.3 1

Flatter one on middle, pushed along the ground to long on for a single by Williamson.

10.2 1

Full and quick outside off, driven hard to long off for a single.

10.1 6

SIX! Smacked over deep mid-wicket. A flatter one outside off and Munro reaches out and slogs it over the fence. Fifty for him as well, his 9th in T20Is. The 100 is up for the Kiwis too.

End of Over : 10 9 Runs NZ: 96/1
9.6 0

NOT OUT! Quick work from Dhoni but this time he was not too confident in appeal as he knew maybe. Still they took no chance and went upstairs. Yadav bowled it slower through the air and landed it full around off. Williamson lunged to defend but it spun away to beat the outside edge. Dhoni did break the stumps but Kane appeared in. Although they referred it upstairs, only to find Williamson's feet firmly inside the crease.

Another stumping appeal... Dhoni was not too interested this time but the square leg umpire is persuaded by Rohit to go upstairs. Williamson is not too worried though.

9.5 1

Quietly works it in the gap at mid-wicket and picks up a run.

9.4 6

SIX! Shot! Yadav slows this one up in the air and delivers it full around off. Turning back in and Munro smokes it over square leg after going down on one knee. It's with the spin and goes all the way.

9.3 1

Tickles it off his pads through backward square leg and takes a run.

9.2 0

Wow, foxes one of the best batsmen around with his googly! Williamson is back on his heels, probably expecting it to spin back into him. Ends up doing nothing as it curls away to beat his hanging bat.

9.1 1

A touch short and around off, turning in, Munro goes back and punches it to sweeper cover for a run.

End of Over : 9 4 Runs NZ: 87/1
8.6 0

Yes, he does. A flatter and quicker one on middle, Williamson defends it away towards point for a dot ball. Good comeback from Krunal in this over as he concedes just 4 after going for 20 in his first one.

8.5 1

Cut away to deep cover for a single. Tidy over so far, can he end it well?

8.4 0

Pushes this one wide outside off, Munro hits it straight towards Rohit at cover.

8.3 1

Quicker again outside off on a short length, pushed off the back foot towards long off for a single by KW.

8.2 1

Hurls this one short and wide outside off, punched away to deep cover for a single.

8.1 1

Flatter one on middle, worked away to deep mid-wicket for a single.

Krunal is back on.

End of Over : 8 4 Runs NZ: 83/1
7.6 1

Flighted outside off, pushed down to long off all along the ground for a single. Successful over for India.

7.5 2

A slower one on middle, Kane comes ahead and paddles it fine on the leg side for a couple of runs. Off the mark straightaway.

Kane Williamson is in at number 3.

7.4 W

OUT! That was a matter of centimeters. MS Dhoni, you genius. Only he can do this. What reflexes! Kuldeep delivers it full and outside off, Seifert stretches forward to play at it but it spins away to beat the bat. Dhoni collects the ball and is lightning quick in taking the bails off. He appeals after that and then goes to celebrate with his players. The square leg umpire refers it upstairs. It looks like a close matter. The third umpire watches a few angles and then rules it in favour of the fielding team. Those swift hands of MSD! Legendary. The Indians have finally broken the 80-run stand.

Stumping appeal! MS Dhoni is very sure. India are celebrating. MS is sure means it has to be a wicket. Let's see the replays...

7.3 0

Hit on the leg this time and there is a slight appeal. A flighted ball on middle, Tim goes for the reverse sweep but it takes too long to arrive. There is a loud appeal and then some confusion as to whether to take the review or not. Rohit decides not to go upstairs as no one is confident enough. Was a good decision in hindsight as the replays roll on and then show us that the ball had actually gone off the glove. Would have been a wasted review had India gone for it.

7.2 1

Bowls the slider next up, Munro is late on it but manages to push it away towards square leg for a single in the end.

7.1 0

Starts off with a peach! A good flatter one outside off and sharp turn. Munro looked to push it through the covers but is beaten.

Kuldeep Yadav to bowl now.

End of Over : 7 13 Runs NZ: 79/0
6.6 1

Slower ball, short of a length on middle. Munro swivels and pulls it away to the right of fine leg for a single. Another good over for the Kiwis, 13 off it in the end.

6.5 1

A length ball outside off, Seifert comes ahead and turns it away wide of long on. Karthik in the deep comes forward and keeps it down to only a run though.

6.4 0

Short of a length outside off and pacy this time, Tim rocks back and taps it towards point.

6.3 6

SIX! What timing! An off-pace length ball well outside off and Seifert reaches out to the ball and lifts it way back over long off for another maximum.

6.2 1

Slower one, a touch short and on middle, Munro gently turns it in the gap at mid-wicket for a single.

6.1 4

FOUR! The runs are flowing here. A length ball outside off and driven wide of mid off where Kuldeep makes a diving effort but can't stop the ball.

End of Over : 6 20 Runs NZ: 66/0
5.6 2

Short outside off, cut away hard through point. Pant moves to his right and makes a half-stop. Two runs taken. 20 off the over and NZ end the Powerplay at 66/0.

5.5 6

SIX! Over the short boundary at fine leg. A fuller length ball on middle, Seifert comes inside the line, takes it on the full and lifts it over the ropes at fine leg for a maximum. This is turning into a very expensive over.

5.4 1

Hurled quicker on a short length outside off, cut away hard through point but there is protection in the deep. Only a single taken.

Pressure on the bowler. Rohit Sharma is having a chat with him. Just trying to calm down Krunal.

5.3 4

FOUR! Wonderfully played! Krunal goes flat this time. Darts it full and outside off, Munro anticipated that line, makes room by hopping back inside the crease and then strokes it over extra cover.

5.2 6

SIX! Dispatched! Krunal serves one right in the slot for the batsman. It's full and on middle, Munro kneels down and goes with the spin. Swings his big arms and nails his slog sweep over mid-wicket for a biggie. The 50 comes up for the hosts.

5.1 1

Starts with a flatter ball around leg, Tim walks down and then works it behind square leg. They cross for a hesitant run. A better throw to the bowler would have made things interesting.

Krunal Pandya is introduced into the attack.

End of Over : 5 8 Runs NZ: 46/0
4.6 0

Good bouncer to end the over! Short on the leg stump line and aimed at the head, Colin does well to duck and let that one go. 8 runs off Hardik's first.

4.5 0

That missed leg stump by a whisker! A yorker on off and Munro looked to drive it back down the ground. Gets a thin inside edge that just goes past the leg stump and to the keeper.

4.4 2

Lots of work in the field for Shankar today as he is again called in to move to his right and make a stop. Cannot prevent a second though. A full toss on the pads was flicked away wide of deep mid-wicket on this ball by Munro.

4.3 4

FOUR! In the air... but also in the gap. A length ball on the hips. There was not enough room but Munro still goes through with the short arm jab. The ball goes in the air but is well away from Shankar at deep mid-wicket. Goes into the fence on a single bounce. The fielder also goes and bangs into the advertising boards not being able to control his momentum.

4.2 1

Short of a length ball jagging into the right-hander. He uncomfortably fends it off towards square leg for a run.

4.1 1

Slower ball on the pads to start, Munro is early into his defensive push and the ball lobs in the vacant leg side area for a single.

Hardik Pandya is now into the attack.

End of Over : 4 16 Runs NZ: 38/0
3.6 4

FOUR! Slower one again travels to the fence. Back of a length ball on middle at 118 kph, Seifert stays back and eases his pull behind square leg for a boundary. 16 from the over, this has been a Wellington-kind of a start for the Kiwis.

3.5 1

Munro works a length ball towards wide long on and collects a run. Wants the second run but is sent back.

3.4 1

Tickles it off his pads to the on side and takes a run.

3.3 6

SIX! Great connection this time. Seifert premeditates his movement inside the crease. Takes it on the full and spoons it all the way over fine leg for a biggie.

3.2 4

Dropped! Goodness me, that would have been some catch by Vijay Shankar. Wow, what an effort! Khaleel lands it on a length and in the line of the stumps, Seifert advances down for the lofted shot over covers but ends up slicing it over point. Shankar runs back from inside the ring, keeps his eyes on the ball and then tries to catch it with a dive. But he fails to hold on and palms it behind for a boundary. Full marks for this type of fielding.

3.1 0

Starts with a slower bouncer around off, Seifert has not picked it and is early into his attempted pull shot. It goes off his arms to short third man. Dot ball.

A long on in place.

End of Over : 3 3 Runs NZ: 22/0
2.6 1

Kumar is human after all, goes for the sixth perfect yorker but this ball is just about 5-6 inches short of the ideal one. Seifert drives through mid on for a single. He retains strike at the end of a 3-run over.

2.5 0

Pinpoint again from Kumar! Any bat will be broken if the ball continuously hits it at the bottom with such yorkers. All Tim can do is jam the ball out towards the off side. A really good over from Bhuvi so far.

2.4 0

That is the fourth yorker off four legal deliveries, kept out by Seifert towards point.

2.3 1

Another yorker, just a few inches short of the ideal length on this occasion and Colin can push this one down to long off for a single.

Now it is time for the batsman to cause a pause. Colin Munro wants to change his bat mid-way. Not sure whether something broke or he just wanted a different one.

2.2 0

Goes really full once more aimed at the toes of Munro, the batsman gets the bat down and pushes it towards mid on but no run is available.

2.2 1

Wide! Bumper from Kumar, it is too high over the head of the batsman.

A false start... looks like something went in the bowler's eye. Kumar is returning to his mark.

2.1 0

Good yorker from Bhuvneshwar. Spot on line and length. Munro does really well to get his bat down and keep the ball out.

End of Over : 2 8 Runs NZ: 19/0
1.6 1

Increases the speed and bowls the last ball really full to the southpaw, Munro drives it to the left of mid on and keeps strike for the next over by taking a single.

1.5 1

Another cutter follows, this time on the leg stump line. It is carefully patted on towards square leg for a run.

1.4 4

FOUR! Slower ball and read out of the bowler's hand by the batsman. On a good length outside off, sits up to be hit and Seifert makes good enough contact for the ball to go over the head of covers and all the way to the fence.

1.3 0

Fuller outside off, Tim is a little late on the drive and the ball goes very tamely towards cover.

1.2 1

Khaleel goes for the yorker first up to the southpaw, Munro takes it on the full, pushes it to the right of mid on and he goes to the other end.

1.1 1

Starts off with a length ball on off, it's pushed with soft hands towards mid on by Seifert and he picks up a quick run.

Khaleel Ahmed to operate from the other end.

End of Over : 1 11 Runs NZ: 11/0
0.6 1

Length ball on the middle stump line, flicked away to deep mid-wicket for a single by Tim as he keeps strike. 11 off the over, a good start for the Kiwis.

0.5 0

Good delivery just outside off and coming in slightly. Seifert watchfully pushes it to mid on.

0.4 1

Good batting! A length ball on leg stump line this time and it is safely pushed away to the leg side for an easy single by the lefty.

0.3 6

SIX! Munro has made his intentions clear in the very first ball. A short of a length ball on middle, Colin comes down the track and flat-bats this one over long on for a biggie.

0.2 1

Another positive-looking front foot shot wide of mid off for a single this time to a length ball outside off.

0.1 2

Fuller one on middle, the Black Caps are off the mark straightaway as Seifert works this away through mid-wicket for a couple.

The players and the officials have taken their position on the field. Tim Seifert and Colin Munro are the openers for the hosts and Bhuvneshwar Kumar is ready with the new ball for India. All to play for, let's go...

Right now the national anthems are going on. It's really a great atmosphere here. Jam-packed stadium for this crunch game. We can't wait for this contest to begin.

Kane Williamson says that he would have wanted to bowl first as well but the coin flip is not under his control and now they will have to come put runs on the board. Reckons that the pitch condition will have to be assessed once they come out to the middle as it is a fresh one that is being used today. Feels that one important thing that his team must do is to apply themselves and bat with confidence. As for the team changes, he informs us that Blair Tickner makes his debut, replacing Lockie Ferguson (rested).

Rohit Sharma begins by reminding us that they did not have a good game the last time that they played here (4th ODI) but also reckons that they really did well in the previous T20I and are pretty confident coming into this one. About why he is not batting first and putting runs on the board in a decider game, he feels that the team combination rather suits that they bat second. On whether his team is missing Virat Kohli, he says that it has been a long tour and everyone requires rest but the members present here are looking forward to do the job. In terms of team changes, he tells us that India have a solitary change in the form of Kuldeep Yadav who walks into the side in the place of Yuzvendra Chahal.

TOSS - Heads is the call from Rohit Sharma. He has won the coin flip and decides that India will bowl first.

How is the surface in Hamilton? Simon Doull doing the ground report says that the pitch has a great covering of grass and it will aid the pace bowlers and won't help the spinners much. Feels the batsmen will have fun here. Adds that the dimension of the ground once again isn't too big and he is expecting a lot of runs. Advises the bowlers to not bowl full here as it will be easy to drive and suggests to land it a touch short to tuck the batsmen.

New Zealand landed a punch in Wellington, India returned it in Auckland and now it's all about the knockout punch. Hello and welcome everyone for the last T20I between the Black Caps and the Men in Blue at Seddon Park, Hamilton. The visitors will be eyeing yet another series win Down Under to cap off their tour on a high whereas the Kiwis would like to replicate their Wellington performance and keep India win-less in a T20I series against them at home. Plenty on the line. Be with us for all the updates...

End of Over : 20.0 IND: 208/6

Comprehensive winners in the ODIs (4-1), beaten in the T20Is (2-1). The Indian team departs from the southern hemisphere with a slight feeling of dejection. They though can keep their heads high for the way that they have competed and played all through the 3 months that they spent in Australia and New Zealand. As for the Kiwis, they will be really happy to win the T20I series as it was important that they come back after the nightmare in the ODIs. They will head into the next assignment against a visiting Bangladesh side with confidence. The Men in Blue head back to their homeland and welcome the Aussies for a limited-over series. It has been great fun bringing you all the action. Hope you have enjoyed the coverage as well. Until next time, see ya! Take care and cheers!

Kane Williamson, the winning NZ captain says that it was a really competitive and tough series. Reckons that the Indians were really hard to beat and is happy that they have done so. Feels that the series was a short one and was difficult to turn around stuff quickly if the team once fell behind. He informs that he felt that the best performance was in the 4th ODI and in the first T20I, stating this final game was a matter of keeping their nerve. Finally, when asked whether there will be celebrations tonight before the next series, he declines that saying that the nature of international cricket is that games come in thick and fast and people will be looking to cool off in the little time they get before they welcome Bangladesh. He then goes on to collect the trophy for winning the T20I series. Gets surrounded by his teammates as they pose for the cameras.

India's skipper, Rohit Sharma says that he is disappointed that it didn't go their way. Tells that they fought hard but it was always a tough chase. Credits the Kiwis for bowling well. Mentions that there are a lot of positives coming from this tour. Adds that it's disappointing to lose today but they will learn from their mistakes and move ahead. He is sad that they are going home without the T20I trophy but mentions about the positives they gained from their outing here.

Tim Seifert is the Man of the Series and starts off by saying he is happy to have performed well but the main fact is the team winning, especially in a nail-biting way like that. He also says that it was great to bat at the opening spot and share the partnership with Colin Munro. Signs off by saying he is really pleased about the crowd that has turned up and mentions that it feels good when playing in front of a lot of people.

Colin Munro is the Man of the Match! Says it was touch and go and credits his bowlers for doing a great job. Adds that it's pleasing and he didn't try to do anything different. States that he tried to play his game and pressurized the bowlers.

The pitch was a batting paradise and two relatively-unknown faces in Daryl Mitchell and Blair Tickner were the pick of the bowlers. They hit the right lengths under pressure and ensured they did not go for too much, thus also making sure that the Indians who were cruising at one stage came under pressure and got derailed. Even though Southee's final figures were not too impressive, he bowled the all-important final over and ensured that his team went over the line and won the series 2-1. Earlier in the evening, a brilliant 72 from Munro and good knocks from all the other batsmen who came in to bat ensured that New Zealand get to 212. The total was just above par and it proved to be so in the end. Thus, a brilliant game for the decider and the better team won. Presentations to follow...

What a humdinger here at Seddon Park! The 3-month long sojourn though has come to an end with India losing a rare series. The Kiwi total of 212 was just too much in the end. The Indian chase started with Shikhar Dhawan departing early. Rohit Sharma was joined by Vijay Shankar in the middle and they both took the innings forward. The former was playing second-fiddle as his partner went after the bowling. Shankar fell and was replaced by Pant who then carried on that role but not for long. The required rate meant that both batsmen had to go for big runs but the Indian skipper was just unable to do so. He eventually got out after playing a pretty slow knock in the context of the game. Post that, MS Dhoni went early but Dinesh Karthik and the Pandya brothers tried their best. They did manage to scare the Black Caps but fell just short of the mammoth total. The Kiwi bowlers held their nerve to snatch victory, especially Tim Southee in the last over after going for plenty in his previous one.

19.6 6

SIX! But that won't matter much. NEW ZEALAND WIN BY 4 RUNS! A length delivery outside off, Karthik gets one from the middle of the bat as he powers it over covers for a maximum. The Kiwis are smiling, a series win for them!

19.6 1

Wide! A bouncer and it goes above the head of Karthik as he looks to pull it. The square leg umpire signals to his partner that the ball was too high. The bowler and his skipper do not look too happy.

19.5 1

Hits the stumps at the other end! It's around off, Krunal smashes it straight back and it collides with the sticks at the non-striker's end. Only a run again. Well tried India, but probably it wasn't meant to be.

19.4 1

Hangs back to pump a length ball over mid off but fails to do so. Finds the fielder inside the ring and this time he crosses for a run. Two sixes now needed to take it to a Super Over unless there are any extras.

19.3 0

Didn't run! Fuller in length and outside off, Karthik hammers it down to long on and turns down the run. Krunal there almost ran two on his own. Poor chap. Is DK not aware of Pandya's hitting prowess?

19.2 0

Tough, tough call that! A yorker outside off and Karthik looks to come inside the line and ramp it but then seeing the ball to be outside off, he decides to not play at it. DK leaves it and looks for a wide but it is not given as he was too close to the ball.

19.1 2

Full on the pads here, Karthik flicks it away in the gap to deep mid-wicket for a couple of runs. Great fielding under pressure there.

16 needed off 6 balls. This is tense. Dinesh Karthik is there on strike. Straightaway his heroics in the Nidahas trophy final come in our minds. India needed 12 in the last over then. Can they get 16? Southee to bowl the pressure over...

End of Over : 19 14 Runs IND: 197/6
18.6 6

SIX! That is the best result if you are an Indian fan. A length ball outside off and Kuggeleijn errs on the last ball. Krunal gets the middle of the bat on that one and deposits it way over long on. The previous two balls were slower ones and the Indians had missed out. This one at 144 kph goes the distance. Scott finishes his night with figures of 4-0-37-1.

18.5 0

Slower one! Terrific bowling. Krunal Pandya swipes across the line but misses the ball completely. 22 off 7 now.

18.4 1

Slower one on middle, Karthik mistimes his drive straight back down the ground. Hits the stumps at the bowler's end and picks up a single.

A discussion between the bowler and his captain now. Third man and fine leg have come in. So the bowler has to keep it nice and straight now.

18.3 6

SIX! That has gone a mile! Karthik is special! A length ball and really pacy, Dinesh rocks back and has enough time to deposit the ball way back over the rope at deep backward square leg.

18.2 1

Hitting the deck hard here is Scott and Pandya can only mistime this one towards wide long on for a run.

18.1 0

Length ball on the pads, Krunal looks to flick it away but misses the ball. Gets hit on the pad. Knows he missed out there and looks angry with himself. DK walks to his partner and calms him down.

Scott Kuggeleijn to bowl the 19th over.

End of Over : 18 18 Runs IND: 183/6
17.6 1

Finishes brilliantly does Southee. Just 3 runs off the last 3 balls. A good yorker and Krunal can only jam it out towards point for a single. 18 runs off this over and the equation is 30 off 12 balls now.

17.5 1

Fuller length ball on middle, DK flicks it away to deep square leg for a single.

Massive two balls coming up... India would like a boundary.

17.4 1

Good yorker! Over the wicket from Southee and gets this in the blockhole. Pandya can only keep this one out towards the off side and gets a single.

17.3 4

FOUR! 15 off three balls! A full toss outside off, Krunal opens his arms and thwacks it over covers for a cracking boundary. He is turning it on.

17.2 4

FOUR! Inside edged for four. The Indians will not mind how they come as long as they do. A length ball outside off, Krunal goes for the slog but gets an inside edge that runs past Sodhi for a boundary to fine leg. Needed a dive there from Ish.

17.1 6

SIX! Wide outside off and Krunal reaches out and lifts it way back into the stands over deep cover for a maximum. Pressure on the bowler.

17.1 1

Wide! Way outside off to start with. Signalled a wide by the umpire.

Tim Southee is back on. Huge over this, India need a big one here.

End of Over : 17 11 Runs IND: 165/6
16.6 1

Completely miscues his shot. Tries to fetch a short ball from outside off and pull it over the leg side. Since it's a slower one, he mistimes it towards mid on. A run taken, 11 from the over. 48 off 18 balls, a big task ahead for India.

16.5 0

Slower one, on a length and angling away, Pandya is foxed by the slowness off the delivery. He is too early into the swing of his bat and misses completely.

16.5 1

Wide! Short again, it's down the leg side, Krunal tries pulling but misses.

16.4 1

Short and punched through covers for one.

16.3 1

Back of a length delivery following the batsman down the leg side, Krunal hangs back and plays it at the last moment towards point for one.

16.2 1

Walks across the stumps to a short ball but fails to get it away. He is hit on the body as the ball deflects in the gap on the leg side. They cross for a leg bye as DK cries in anguish. That must have stung.

16.1 6

SIX! High...high...and handsome! Just stand and delivery. Uses his long reach to attack that ball and spanks it over extra cover for a maximum. Good start to the over.

Blair Tickner is back on.

End of Over : 16 9 Runs IND: 154/6
15.6 1

On the middle stump line and slower. Karthik is early into his shot as he looked to swipe this off the front foot. The ball takes the outside edge and goes towards third man for a single. Lucky for DK, if he had missed that one he would have been struck in front. 9 runs off this Mitchell over and the equation is now 59 off 24 balls.

15.5 0

Outside off on a length and some away movement! Karthik looks to work it away on the on side coming down the track but is beaten due to the movement. Rare to see this, especially in the 16th over. Karthik, hence has a surprised look on his face.

15.4 6

SIX! This one has disappeared. India won't go down without a fight. Mitchell bowls it short around middle and off, Karthik shuffles across to get inside the line and then pulls it all the way over deep backward square leg for a biggie. He has made a reputation of a finisher of late and the Men in Blue will be hoping for some heroics from DK!

15.3 2

Just over mid off! Karthik goes aerial this time to a length ball and manages to loop it over Southee. He does well there to prevent the boundary by putting in a slide near the rope. A couple taken.

Krunal Pandya walks in to bat now.

15.2 W

OUT! High in the air and easily taken by Southee at long on. The Kiwis see the end of Dhoni and this is a sight that will hurt the Indian fans. A length ball and MS Dhoni goes for the huge one over long on. Does not get all of it and the ball goes higher rather than far. Holes out at long on. India losing their way now in the chase, still need 68 in 28 balls. Mitchell has really bowled well today in the context of the game, 2 wickets for him so far.

15.1 0

Length ball outside off, Dhoni pushes it away to extra cover.

End of Over : 15 4 Runs IND: 145/5
14.6 0

Pacy, 143 kph on the top of off stump. Dinesh defends this one towards the off side. Dot ball to end a successful and almost a game-changing over for the Kiwis. Just 4 runs and a wicket off it in the end.

Dinesh Karthik walks in next, at number 7.

14.5 W

OUT! Bizarre dismissal. Ball is flying, bat is flying, the former is caught which matters the most for the Kiwis. Kuggeleijn digs in a short ball on off at 144 kph, hurries up the batsman with his strong pace. Hardik tries to pull but the bat slips from his hands as it makes contact with the top edge and balloons towards mid off. Kane Williamson moves swiftly across to his right from extra cover and takes the catch safely. The little cameo from Pandya is over but India needed more from him.

14.4 1

Stays back to a length ball and hits it through covers for another single in this over.

14.3 1

Good delivery. Full and around off, angling in at 145 kph, Hardik forces it back past the non-striker and the long on fielder makes a sliding stop. A run added to the total, New Zealand won't mind that.

14.2 1

Fractionally short in length outside off, served from wide of the crease, Dhoni remains on the back foot and cracks it to sweeper cover for a single.

14.1 1

Width on offer outside off, Pandya slashes it over cover-point for one.

Time for Mahendra Singh Dhoni? Oh yes, he is in there with India in need of big power-hitting from him. Also, Scott Kuggeleijn is back into the attack now.

End of Over : 14 13 Runs IND: 141/4
13.6 W

OUT! Huge wicket in the context of the game. Rohit was looking out of sorts but everyone knows how dangerous he can be. A good length ball wide of off stump and Sharma goes chasing. The ball takes the outside edge and goes to Seifert who takes a simple catch. No special Hitman show today and New Zealand pick up another wicket. The Indians need 72 runs in 36 balls.

13.5 1

Yorker length ball outside off, Hardik reaches out but can only get a single to deep cover for a single. Lets out a grunt after hitting it, maybe he was not too happy about missing that one.

13.4 6

SIX! Waits for the ball and smashes this one straight back into the sightscreen. A slower ball from Daryl, Hardik waits and waits before he uses his bottom hand and deposits this one over the rope straight back behind the bowler.

13.3 4

FOUR! In the air... but in the gap as well. Hardik must have had his heart in the mouth for a moment there. A low full toss and Pandya whips it away but does not get it too cleanly. The ball flies to the left of deep mid-wicket, luckily for India and goes past the rope on a bounce for a boundary.

13.2 1

Another good low full toss on middle, Rohit hits it all along the ground to deep mid-wicket for a single.

13.1 1

Full toss on the pads, flicked away to deep mid-wicket for a single.

End of Over : 13 8 Runs IND: 128/3
12.6 1

Length outside off once more, Hardik drives off the back foot to mid off and sets off for a single. The fielder goes for a shy at the keeper's end but misses. 8 runs off the over and a wicket also.

12.5 0

Another slower one, this time on a length and outside off. Pandya defends this time back to the bowler.

12.4 0

Length ball outside off, on a slower pace. Pandya looks to drive but is foxed by the speed of the ball. Misses it completely.

12.3 6

SIX! He has come in with a license to hit. Short in length around off, Pandya jumps inside the crease to get on top of the ball and pulls it enormously over mid-wicket.

Hardik Pandya is promoted up the order.

12.2 W

OUT! The first international wicket for Tickner and it has come off a full toss. The pressure was building and Pant in a bid to hit out has given it straight to the fielder at mid-wicket. A full toss outside off, Rishabh looks to slog that over cow corner but does not get the elevation. Kane Williamson takes a smart catch and this wicket has come at a really important time. The Indians still need 92 in 46 balls.

12.1 1

Very full and Sharma cannot get under that one. The ball goes along the ground to long on for a single.

End of Over : 12 5 Runs IND: 120/2
11.6 1

Full toss on middle, Rohit can only hit it back to long on for a single. A really good over for the hosts this, 5 runs off it in the end.

11.5 1

Good yorker outside off, driven hard but straight to long off and Pant only gets a run.

11.4 1

Length ball outside off, Rohit goes all in as he looks to smash this one out of the ground. The ball goes off the inside edge and towards fine leg for a single.

11.3 1

Wide outside off and again slower, Rishabh connects the drive this time but it goes only as far as cover where Williamson makes a good tumbling stop.

11.2 0

Very slow outside off, 100 kph. Pant is beaten for pace as he goes for the drive.

11.1 1

Slower ball on middle, pushed with soft hands onto the off side for a single by Rohit.

Daryl Mitchell is now on.

End of Over : 11 7 Runs IND: 115/2
10.6 1

Short and wide outside off, Rohit cuts it aerially towards deep cover for a run. Keeps strike.

10.5 0

Slower bouncer outside off, Sharma looks to pull this one away but is way too early into the shot.

10.4 2

Good shot! A fuller length ball outside off and Rohit leans into his drive to the right of deep cover. Couple taken till the fielder cleans up.

10.3 1

On the pads once more, worked away to deep backward square leg for a single.

10.2 2

Short of a length on middle, pulled away to deep square leg for a couple of runs by Pant. Already onto 25 from just 7 balls.

10.1 1

Short and wide outside off, pushed away to deep point for a single by Rohit.

Blair Tickner is back on now.

End of Over : 10 16 Runs IND: 108/2
9.6 6

SIX! Pant just loves spinners! Goes with the turn on this occasion. Attacks it with all his might, fetches it from outside off and launches it over long on. 16 from the over again. India well on track in this big run chase. 105 needed off 60 balls.

9.5 1

Played to the point region by the batsman. One run added to the total.

9.4 1

Flatter and outside off, Rishabh hits it firmly through the line and Williamson runs across to his left from extra cover to make a tumbling stop. They cross for a hesitant run.

9.3 0

Sodhi pulls his length back and lands it short on middle, Pant pulls but finds the short fine leg fielder.

9.2 6

SIX! Packs a punch! Sodhi lands it very full outside off, Pant orchestrates his raw power there. Absolutely butchers it over long off for a biggie.

9.2 1

Wide! Loopy and down the leg side, Pant fails to flick and it has been wided by the umpire.

9.1 1

Tossed up ball around leg, Rohit turns it off his pads to mid-wicket and runs the first run hard. Looks for the second but the fielder has come in quickly from the deep to collect the ball.

End of Over : 9 16 Runs IND: 92/2
8.6 6

SIX! Second boundary of two balls he has faced. This is incredible batting by someone who has just walked out. A flighted ball on middle, Pant comes down the track and deposits this one deep over mid-wicket for a maximum. Santner's good wicket over has been destroyed by the 10 runs at the end, 16 off it totally.

8.5 4

FOUR! Pant is up and running. A flatter one on the pads, Rishabh sweeps the first ball he faces away wide of short fine leg. No fielder back there ensures it's a boundary.

8.4 1

Flatter one on middle, pushed to cover-point for a run.

Rishabh Pant arrives.

8.3 W

OUT! Four and then a wicket. Shankar was just picking up his pace but has to depart now. This ball was not short enough but Shankar went for the sweep initially. He tries to adjust and then hit it over mid-wicket hence does not get true connection. The ball goes only as far as de Grandhomme in the deep who running to his right takes a really good catch. Santner strikes and it is a good time to pick up a wicket.

8.2 4

FOUR! What a brilliant use of the bottom hand there. An arm ball going down the leg side, but Shankar makes room and scoops it over the cover region. Beats the fielder in the deep and picks up four.

8.1 1

Short and wide outside off, pushed away off the back foot to deep cover for a single by Rohit.

End of Over : 8 14 Runs IND: 76/1
7.6 0

Shout for a caught behind! Flatter and shorter outside off, Shankar tries to play the square cut but misses. The keeper collects the ball, Sodhi turns to appeal but the umpire is not interested. 14 from the over.

7.5 6

SIX! Bang! Shankar is pressing on the accelerator. A googly landing full on off, Vijay kneels and smokes it over mid-wicket for a biggie.

7.4 6

SIX! Wow, that is a shot of high quality! Full and floated one again by Sodhi, Shankar reaches out for it and thumps his lofted shot over covers for a biggie.

7.3 0

Play and a miss! A leg spinner landing wide outside off, Vijay throws his bat at it but is beaten by the away spin.

7.2 1

Leans into the drive and forces it through covers for a single.

7.1 1

Floated full ball on middle, eased down the ground to long on for one.

Ish Sodhi to have a go now.

End of Over : 7 5 Runs IND: 62/1
6.6 1

A full toss on off, Shankar fails to send it into the stand. Mistimes his attempted shot in the air over extra cover and it falls safely in the deep. A single to end the 5-run over. Good one by Santner!

6.5 1

Pushed to the cover region by the batsman. One run added to the total.

6.5 1

Wide! Too wide outside off, Rohit makes a leave.

6.4 0

Arm ball on middle, Sharma brings a straight bat down in defense.

6.3 1

Walks down the track to a full ball and lofts it over wide mid off for a run.

6.2 0

Darts in a flatter and shorter ball on off, Shankar punches it back and the bowler moves across to his left to stop the ball.

6.1 1

Full and flighted on off, driven square of the wicket on the off side for a single.

Mitchell Santner is back on.

End of Over : 6 8 Runs IND: 57/1
5.6 1

Uppish! Spears in a full ball on middle at 146 kph, Rohit mistimes his drive in the air but it has gone in the gap at extra cover. A single to end the over, 57/1 in the Powerplay.

5.5 0

Bunts a length ball down to mid off and shouts no as Shankar comes down the track eyeing a run.

5.4 2

Edgy! A sharp delivery, full and on middle at 149 kph, Rohit tries to flick but it takes the leading edge and runs through the gap between short third man and point for a couple of runs. 50-run stand comes up!

5.3 1

A low full toss outside off, Shankar drives but fails to pierce the gap at covers well. A single is taken.

5.2 4

FOUR! Up and over! Another slower delivery, short and wide outside off, Shankar reaches out for it and hits it firmly over mid off. Not timed properly but still a boundary. 50 up for India!

5.1 0

Slower one to start the over. Full and on middle, angling down, Shankar tries to flick but fails to make any connection. He is hit on the pads, a stifled appeal follows but nothing from the umpire. Missing leg easily.

Scott Kuggeleijn is back on.

End of Over : 5 11 Runs IND: 49/1
4.6 4

FOUR! Two in two! Smart shot from the Hitman. The last one was all about power and this one was about touch. A fuller length ball outside off, Rohit seeing third man up guides it fine of short third man for a boundary.

4.5 4

FOUR! Rohit dances down the track and smashes this ball wide of mid off. Beats the infield and picks up a boundary. Needed that one.

4.4 1

Length ball on top of middle, pushed hard and uppishly once more by Shankar to long on. A run is picked up.

4.3 1

Short of a length on middle, Rohit swivels and pulls it away towards deep square leg for a run.

4.2 1

Hit slightly uppishly towards long on. Single taken as the fielder throws the ball back in a really quick time.

4.1 0

On a length outside off, Shankar pushes it away to the point region.

Tim Southee is back from the other end.

End of Over : 4 9 Runs IND: 38/1
3.6 1

Short of a length outside off, Shankar stands tall, pushes it away to deep cover for a single. Keeps strike.

3.5 4

FOUR! A length ball outside off and Shankar looks to lift it down the ground but ends up slicing it in the air over backward point. Into the fence on a bounce. Almost six that one.

3.5 1

Wide! Tickner goes for the bouncer but the ball goes well over the head of the batsman and he is penalized.

3.4 2

Straighter this time on the pads, flicked away to deep mid-wicket for a couple of runs by VS.

3.3 0

Another play and a miss! A fuller one just outside off and a bit of shape away. Shankar is beaten and it goes to the keeper.

3.2 0

Short and outside off, Shankar looks to pull it away but extra bounce causes it to beat the bat.

3.1 1

Starts off with a slower one on length on top of middle, Rohit turns it straight to fine leg and runs through. The fielder looks to run the batsman out at the bowler's end but the throw is well off target. Sharma then tries to turn and steal another run but loses his balance and eventually they donn't go for it.

Debutant Blair Tickner to bowl now.

End of Over : 3 11 Runs IND: 29/1
2.6 4

FOUR! Quicker you bowl, faster you travel. Scott clocks 150 kph this time. Lands it on a length around middle and Vijay muscles it down the ground for a boundary. 11 from the over!

2.5 0

Kuggeleijn is cranking it up. Touches 148 kph on the speed gun and bowls it on a length outside off. Shankar plays it down from the crease to short third man.

2.4 4

FOUR! You cannot bowl on the pads of the Indian batsmen. Scott commits that sin and Shankar once again uses the pace of the bowler to flick it behind square leg for a boundary. Right from the middle of the bat!

2.3 1

Bowls a slower one this time, on a length around off at 119 kph, Rohit quietly dabs it wide of short third man and takes one.

2.2 1

Sharp delivery, around off on a length at 146 kph, Shankar just uses the pace and runs it down to third man for a single.

2.1 1

Fuller and on middle, Sharma flicks it through square leg for a run.

Bowling change. Scott Kuggeleijn to have a go now...

End of Over : 2 7 Runs IND: 18/1
1.6 1

Fuller one outside off, Rohit drives it down the ground to long off for a single. Keeps the strike.

1.5 4

FOUR! Well controlled. A length ball outside off, Sharma just opens the face of the bat and runs it fine of third man for a boundary. Deft.

1.4 0

Good yorker! A full one on middle and Rohit keeps it out by bringing his bat down in the nick of time.

1.3 1

Fuller one on off stump line, Vijay works this away towards deep mid-wicket for a single.

1.2 0

Length ball outside off, Shankar gets behind the line of the ball and defends it.

1.1 1

Wide outside off, Rohit dabs it down to third man for a single.

Tim Southee to bowl from the other end.

End of Over : 1 11 Runs IND: 11/1
0.6 0

Short and wide outside off, Shankar looks to cut it away but fails to put bat on ball.

0.6 5

FIVE WIDES! An arm ball gone wrong. Santner bowls this one down the leg side and the keeper cannot take that one. It goes to the fence for a boundary. Bonus runs for India.

Vijay Shankar walks in at number 3.

0.5 W

OUT! Dhawan falls cheaply. A flatter one on middle, Dhawan looks to sweep it away but fails to keep it down. The ball goes in the air towards deep square leg and Daryl Mitchell comes running forward to take a brilliant tumbling catch. There was a slight bobble but he does well to hold on in the end. A massive wicket for the Kiwis early on in the chase.

0.4 1

Short and flat on the middle stump line, Rohit pushes it wide of mid off and gets off the mark with a single.

0.3 1

Flatter on the pads and pushed to long on for a single by Shikhar.

0.2 4

FOUR! Boundary number one of the chase. Short and wide outside off, punished by Dhawan as he cuts it away through cover-point for a boundary.

0.1 0

Fuller and flatter one outside off, Dhawan reaches out and pushes it back to the bowler.

The players and the umpires make their way out to the middle. Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan as usual to open for the Indians. Surprise, surprise. Mitchell Santner has the new ball for the Kiwis. 213 to win, who will? Let's play...