PAK beat ZIM by 9 wickets | Zimbabwe vs Pakistan Live Cricket Score 2nd ODI Match

Pakistan in Zimbabwe, 5 ODI Series, 2018

Date: Jul 16, 2018 Start Time: 12:45 IST | 07:15 GMT | 09:15 Local
Venue: Queens Sports Club, Bulawayo
194/10 Overs: 49.2
195/1 Overs: 36.0
Pakistan beat Zimbabwe by 9 wickets

Zimbabwe vs Pakistan Live Cricket Score - 2nd ODI Match - Summary

End of Over : 36.0 PAK: 195/1

That is it from our side for this game. Pakistan have made a light work of the Zimbabwe bowling to go 2-0 up in the series. We will catch up with you again at 0915 local (0715 GMT) on Wednesday for the third ODI. Till then, ciao!

36.1 1

Wide! An extra to end the game! Short and down the leg side, Babar allows it through and the umpire stretches his arms. All over, PAKISTAN WIN BY 9 WICKETS WITH 84 BALLS REMAINING!

End of Over : 36 11 Runs PAK: 194/1
35.6 0

Quicker around leg, Zaman tries to cut but gets a bottom edge. It rolls to the bowler. Just 1 more needed now.

35.5 4

FOUR! Bang! Wellington goes short on this occasion, around off, Zaman uses the depth of his crease and smashes it through cover-point. The field is up and hence there is no one in the deep to cut it off. This is now Fakhar's highest score in ODIs.

35.4 4

FOUR! Tossed up ball landing full around middle and leg, Zaman gets down on one knee and neatly sweeps it fine down the leg side for a boundary.

35.3 1

Driven through mid off by the batsman. One run added to the total.

35.2 1

Flatter and around leg, Fakhar gets deep inside the crease to play the cut shot but is cramped for room. He ends up getting a bottom edge through the keeper's leg for a run. Strangely, the umpire gives it as a bye. Hmm...

35.1 1

Tossed up ball outside off, driven through mid off for a run.

End of Over : 35 2 Runs PAK: 183/1
34.6 0

Play and a miss! Tiripano bowls it full and wide outside off, Fakhar stays leg side of his delivery, throws his bat at it but fails to make any contact.

34.5 0

The batsman picked that bouncer early and let it through to the keeper.

34.4 2

Straighter in line and it has been worked behind the square leg region for a couple of runs.

34.3 0

Smart batting. Sees the batsman giving the charge and making room outside off and bowls it wider of him. Zaman lets it through.

34.2 0

On a length around off, tapped down to point.

34.1 0

Dropped by Chatara! A short delivery around leg, Zaman pulls it across the line but fails to middle it quite well. It goes aerially towards short fine leg where Chatara attempts to catch it with a dive to his left but fails to hold on.