SL beat SA by 178 runs | Sri Lanka vs South Africa Live Cricket Score 5th ODI Match

South Africa in Sri Lanka, 5 ODI Series, 2018

Date: Aug 12, 2018 Start Time: 14:30 IST | 09:00 GMT | 14:30 Local
Venue: R.Premadasa Stadium, Colombo
299/8 Overs: 50.0
121/10 Overs: 24.4
Sri Lanka beat South Africa by 178 runs

Sri Lanka vs South Africa Live Cricket Score - 5th ODI Match - Summary

End of Over : 24.4 SA: 121/10

That is it! South Africa are seen posing with the trophy. All smiles in their camp and they deserve all the applause they are getting from the crowd. They have been brilliant in the ODI series, except for today. Sri Lanka on the other hand, have shown great improvement as the series progressed. Now the two teams will turn their attention to the shortest format which will be played on the 14th of August at 1900 local (1330 GMT). Till then you can catch the action of the Test match going on between England and India. Goodbye.

24.4 W

OUT! That's that! South Africa are all out! Kumara lands one short and wide outside off, Dala looks to cut it but finds Dhananjaya at point. He cannot take it on the first attempt but manages to hold on to it. Sri Lanka win by 178 runs.

24.3 4

FOUR! Kumara digs this one short own the leg side. Dala pulls it away fine and it goes on the bounce to the fine leg fence.

24.2 1

Back of a length ball on the leg side, Rabada tucks it away for another run.

24.1 1

Short and wide outside off, Dala guides it to third man to get off strike.

End of Over : 24 3 Runs SA: 115/9
23.6 0

Another leggie by the bowler, Rabada defends it.

23.5 W

OUT! In the air... taken! 6-fer for Akila. The game keeps getting better for him. These are also the best figures at Colombo for a spinner. He tosses this one up, it is the leg spinner. Maharaj dances down the track does not get to the pitch of it. Still goes ahead with the shot and all he manages to do is hit it up in the air towards mid off where Lakmal takes it.

23.4 0

Flatter on middle, kept out.

23.3 1

Hits this through long off for a run.

23.2 2

Just over! An excellent work in the deep from Kusal Perera. Rabada steps down the track and goes inside out over covers. KP in the deep runs after the ball, dives and saves a couple for his side.

23.1 0

Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat.

End of Over : 23 10 Runs SA: 112/8
22.6 0

Length ball on off, Maharaj blocks it with a straight bat.

22.5 1

Back of a length ball down the leg side, flicked away through square leg for a run.

22.4 4

FOUR! Another one! This time from the bat off Rabada. Kumara bowls one short outside off, Rabada cuts it over the slip region. It's too fine for the third man fielder to stop it.