SA beat SL by 41 runs (D/L method) | Sri Lanka vs South Africa Live Cricket Score 5th ODI Match

Sri Lanka in South Africa, 5 ODI Series, 2019

Date: Mar 16, 2019 Start Time: 16:30 IST | 11:00 GMT | 13:00 Local
Venue: Newlands, Cape Town
225/10 Overs: 49.3
135/2 Overs: 28.0
South Africa beat Sri Lanka by 41 runs (D/L method)

Sri Lanka vs South Africa Live Cricket Score - 5th ODI Match - Summary

End of Over : 28.0 SA: 135/2

So the South Africans are handed the trophy and they are now posing with it. They have bounced back really strongly after losing the Test series. Cricketing action though does not end between the two sides as the T20I series is yet to be played. The first game of the shortest format is on the 19th of March at 1800 local (1600 GMT). Till then, take care and goodbye!

27.6 0

Another pull shot another miss! Goes short again but once again Rassie is a little late on the pull shot.

27.5 0

Another short one and this one takes off after pitching. It is outside off. Rassie looks to pull but misses.

27.4 1

That has been clubbed! Short and Markram was waiting for it. He pulls it right off the middle but on the bounce to the fielder at deep square leg for a run.

27.3 1

On the shorter side, it hurries onto the batsman. He looks to pull but it hits the glove and goes down to fine leg for a run.

27.2 1

Slower ball on off, Markram waits for it and then guides it down to third man for a single.

27.1 1

Starts off with a delivery on the leg pole, Rassie works it towards wide mid on for a quick run.

End of Over : 27 5 Runs SA: 131/2
26.6 0

Flatter delivery on middle and leg, defended with ease.

26.5 1

RvD shows the full face of the bat and defends the ball off the back foot towards the cover region. They pick up a single.

26.4 0

Back of a length delivery on off, van der Dussen blocks it.

26.3 1

Full on off, defended.

26.2 1

A full length ball on leg, van der Dussen flicks it to square leg for a single.

26.1 2

A flighted delivery around middle, RvD brings out the reverse sweep down to the cover region. Double added to the scoreboard.