Deepika Kumari to Marry Atanu Das? The Archer Duo Set to Get Engaged on December 10, Says Reports
File Image | Deepika Kumari & Atanu Das | (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

India's golden girl in Archery, Deepika Kumari, has decided to tie the knot with fellow teammate Atanu Das, in the upcoming year, as some media reports. Speculations are rife that the archer-duo will be getting engaged in the next week, on December 10. It is said that the engagement ceremony will take place in a village near Ranchi.

Well, it is time to move over Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s marriage, which created a massive furore amongst fans a couple of weeks back. Another Deepika, albeit a sports star, will be getting married soon, given how some media reports are speculated.

It is reportedly being said that the rituals of the ceremony will take place in Ratu, a village near Deepika Kumari’s home. The duo will marry during the November-December period, next year!

If you are curious to know who blinked the eye first (say, proposed), then you are in for a surprise as to what happened after it. Atanu Das first proposed Deepika Kumari five years ago. The proposal took place after the World Cup match in Columbia where the dup won a Bronze medal in the Mixed doubles category.