Football saw a major disciplinary change with the introduction of a yellow and red card system in 1970, fast-tract to 2024, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) is now looking to add another card to help maintain strictness on the field. According to The Telegraph, the IFAB has agreed to the introduction of a blue card which will force players to a ten-minute stint in the sin bin if they are guilty of committing a cynical foul or if they show dissent towards the referee, linesman or fourth official. Brentford Strongly Condemn ‘Vile Harassment’ As Ivan Toney Faces Racist Abuse Online.

A combination of two blue cards, or a blue and a yellow card in one game, could then lead to a red card later, just as two yellows already lead to a red under current rules. It will be interesting to see how this trial goes, and which games we’ll see the blue card used in. Blues cards have already successfully been trialled at the grassroots level in Wales. The colour was reportedly chosen over orange over fears there could be confusion between yellow and red cards.

It has been reported that the new protocol will be announced on Friday. The report from the Telegraph states: “Top-tier competitions will be excluded from initial testing in the professional game in case the protocols require further refinement, but elite trials could still begin as soon as the summer.” FA games in Men’s and Women’s Football will also have blue cards with the Football Association considering volunteering next season’s competitions for testing.

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