New Delhi, April 15: Airchat, a new social media platform, offers a different take on digital interactions, focusing on the voice to convey messages. Airchat is a voice notes-based social media app to connect online. Unlike traditional text-based networks, Airchat emphasises audio, allowing users to share their thoughts through voice messages. It is quickly becoming a popular social media platform for those who might prefer speaking over typing.

As per a report of English Jagran, Airchat was introduced in October 2023 and is gaining popularity due to its unique features. Created by Naval Ravikant and Brian Norgard, the voice notes-based social media platform prioritises audio content above all else. It presents a unique perspective in the social media app platform. Currently, access to the app is through an invite-only system, which adds exclusivity to the platform. Aditya Birla Likely To Launch New Fintech App on April 16 To Simplify Financial Services; Check Details.

What Is Airchat?

Airchat is a new social media app that's all about using your voice. Here, a user can create and share audio posts with friends. It's designed for those who find speaking more natural than typing. The primary means by which users create posts and replies on the app is through brief audio recordings. These audio recordings are automatically transcribed into text by the app. As soon as users launch the app, messages begin to play and users can navigate through the messages by swiping.

As per a report of Times of India, Airchat also shares some features with other social media apps, which include sharing posts, following users, scrolling through a feed, replying and liking posts. Users also have the option to pause the audio and read the text, as well as share photos and videos. Elon Musk Praises X Japan Team for Boost in Platform’s Posts, Views and User Engagement.

How to Sign up and Use Airchat?

Airchat is currently in an invite-only phase, meaning a new users should receive an invitation from an existing member to join. Once invited, individuals can download the app on either iOS or Android devices to start using it. The platform welcomes users with a feed of audio posts that automatically play at a default speed of 2x and which can be adjusted to 1x speed. After that, a new user can create and share their own voice posts on Airchat.

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