San Francisco, January 21: Apple has said that using its mixed reality (MR) headset Vision Pro with certain medical conditions might increase the "risk of injury of discomfort". The tech giant advises to consult with a medical provider before using Apple Vision Pro. "If you are at risk for falls or seizures, or have a serious medical condition such as a heart condition, consult with a medical provider before using Apple Vision Pro," the company wrote in a support document.

"Using this device with certain medical conditions might aggravate symptoms or increase the risk of injury or discomfort," it added. The medical conditions that Apple detailed include -- migraines or chronic headaches, dizziness or vertigo, eye or vision conditions (such as binocular vision conditions), psychological conditions, inner ear conditions, and seizures, among others. Apple Vision Pro: After Netflix, YouTube Chooses Not To Release Dedicated App for Vision Pro.

For pregnant women, the company advised to exercise additional caution when using Apple Vision Pro, as pregnancy may increase the risk of nausea or loss of balance. "If your medical provider confirmed that it's safe for you to use Apple Vision Pro, use the device seated and start with a less immersive experience. Use the device over short increments of time and take frequent breaks," Apple said. OpenAI Bans Bot Developer for Mimicking US Democratic Presidential Hopeful Rep Dean Phillips.

Apple Vision Pro will be available starting at $3,499 with 256GB of storage. Pre-orders for Apple Vision Pro have now begun. The headset will be available at all US Apple Store locations and the US Apple Store online, the company said.

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