New York, April 19: Apple Watches offer several key features that help the person wearing it keep track of health-related information. From heart sensors to Emergency SOS and fall and crash detection, smartwatches from Apple have proven to be helpful to many people in their daily activities and increased their safety. Recently, Apple Watch saved a life of a New York-based bicyclist from a horrific crash. 

According to a report by the New York Post, a bicyclist from New York claimed that his Apple smartwatch saved his life as he witnessed a "horrific bike accident". This man was reportedly wearing his Apple Watch when the incident took place. He claimed that the smartwatch dialled 911 when he met the accident that allegedly left him looking like a "monster" due to the bruises on his face. Ranveer Singh Reacts to His Viral Video Criticising PM Modi, Says ‘Deepfake Se Bacho Doston’.

Eric Zollinger, who is 49, became the victim of a freak accident in New York while riding his bike. Eric reportedly said he was fortunate and grateful for what happened and how his Apple smartwatch saved his life. He complimented the Apple Watch by calling it a "clever watch" and thanked Apple for thinking about everything. The report said that a real estate broker, Eric Zollinger, had met the accident last month when he went to his office. The report highlighted that Eric was riding a Citi Bike from home to his office during a "torrential downpour". 

How did Eric Zollinger from New York meet an accident on his way to the office?

Eric Zollinger reportedly said that riding a Citi Bike was his preferred mode of transport as his apartment was just five minutes away from the office. Despite such proximity, he came upon a pothole which was eight inches deep. It was also filled with water which acted as a booby trap. The report further said that Eric Zollinger had traffic behind him and had to ride through the pothole, which was flooded with water. As his bike hit the watering hole, it made him fly off onto the pavement. He hit his right knee and face between the eyes, nose and lips into his teeth. His face was bruised, but the report said there was not much blood at first. Elon Musk Announces That X Accounts Involved in ‘Engagement Farming’ Will Be Suspended and Traced To Source; Know Meaning of Term and How It Can Affect You.

As he went to the bathroom to shower, his nose started bleeding and making the area full of blood. He reportedly smacked his body on the side of the tub as he fainted and dizzy. Suddenly, he heard a 911 operator coming out of his Apple Watch, "911, what's your emergency?" Due to his face getting swollen, he did not get out of his place for three days, said the report. Eric Zollinger credited his Apple Watch for alerting 911 and saving his life from a freak accident.

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