New Delhi, February 6: Apple is on the way to transforming how a user can interact with their smartphones in wet environments. The tech giant has recently filed a patent that suggests an "Underwater Mode" could be coming to iPhones in the near future. This new feature integration might transform the iPhone into a companion for activities like diving and scuba diving.

According to a report of English Jagran, Apple may soon introduce an "Underwater Mode" feature to its iPhones. The company has taken a step forward by filing a 78-page patent detailing an alternative iPhone interface specifically for underwater use. This step addresses the current limitations faced by iPhone users when interacting with their phones in wet conditions. Apple Vision Pro Sales Projections: Apple Mixed Reality Headset's Sale To Skyrocket 321% in Second Year, 3,504% in Next Five Years, Poised To Outsell Meta Quest 2 and PlayStation VR, Says Report.

The existing iOS interface struggles with responsiveness when fingers are wet. This makes it challenging to use the touchscreen or access various functions of the iPhone in wet conditions. Apple's proposed "Underwater Mode" will likely overcome these challenges by simplifying the interface. The changes may include enlarging buttons to accommodate wet fingertips and relying more on physical buttons like volume controls.

The patent includes illustrations that show an iPhone submerged in a water tank, surrounded by fish, with a unique icon indicating it is in "Underwater Mode". This mode is expected to improve the usability of an iPhone under the water. This feature will also have an upgrade from the current water-resistant capabilities of iPhones, which are limited to depths of less than 1 metre. Apple iPad Pro 2024 Likely To Launch Soon: Check Expected Specifications and Features of Upcoming Apple iPad.

If successfully integrated, the "Underwater Mode" feature could allow iPhones to join users in deeper waters, expanding the possibilities for underwater photography and exploration. The "Underwater Mode" is also expected to elevate a step further, enabling the iPhone to function smoothly during extended underwater or deep sea activities.

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