New York, January 24: Elon Musk-run X has launched new passkeys for iOS users in the United States to allow them to log in to the app without a password. The new X passkey on iOS replaces biometric authentication such as Face ID and Touch ID, adding additional security to the users' accounts. The passkeys on X promised to elevate the security beyond SMS 2-factor Authentication. 

With the help of passkeys, users can increase their digital security, providing a more "fortified authentication" option than the SMS-based 2FA. The X users can log in to their accounts using the passkeys with a single action without needing a password or following 2FA steps. WhatsApp New Feature Update: Meta-Owned Platform Reportedly Working on New Feature To Allow Users To Share Files With People Nearby.

X Launches Passkeys to iOS, Replacing Password With Biometric Authentication:

Passkeys on X: Elevating Security Beyond SMS 2FA:

Unlike the traditional login methods, the X passkey is different because of its phishing-resistant nature. These secure login tools work via two cryptographic keys - one private and one public. These keys are held by a trusted authenticator, such as a smartphone or hardware security key. 

The company posted on X, "The user proves their identity with something they know (a PIN or password) or something they are (biometric data), which is inherently more secure than SMS-based 2FA vulnerable to interception.". However, the X passkeys are rolled out for US-based iOS users. The platform has yet to announce the feature to global Android and desktop computer users. 

Passkeys on X are generated individually by the device for each account and offer a secure way to log in from all the devices. The cloud services enable the passkeys to sync across many devices and ensure the ease of access to the X uses X Passkeys, also reducing the risk of losing them. Swiggy Likely To Raise Platform Fee From Rs 5 to Rs 10 Ahead of the Launch of Its IPO, Says Report.

Once set up on one device via cloud services, they can be used across different devices within the same ecosystem. According to the company, X Passkeys promise to protect the users' identities online more effectively than SMS-based methods. 

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