Mumbai, February 9: Google made a move to rename its AI services "Gemini" and announced to release its Gemini App in the US first before rolling out in Asia-Pacific region. The company introduced its new AI services in December 2023, offering powerful technology rivalling to the OpenAI's ChatGPT. On February 8, Google announced introducing a free "artificial intelligence application" that will help users rely on technology to write and interpret what they read. 

As per a report by Hindustan Times, Gemini App will cast aside the popular AI chatbot Bard which was first introduced as an experimental project for the users in order to catch up with ChatGPT. However, it could have performed better with the OpenAI's ChatGPT in many aspects. However, the company was already working on its optimistic project to tackle the Microsoft-backed ChaGPT chatbot. Google To Release ‘Gemini App’ on Smartphones To Make It Easier for People To Connect to Digital Brain, Will First Introduce in US Before Asia-Pacific Region.

Google Announces "Gemini AI Era" Bringing AI Models Renaming Bard as Gemini:

In coming weeks, Google reportedly plans to put the Gemini features into its existing search app for iPhones; however, Apple would prefer its customers to rely more on the Siri voice assistant for handling different tasks. Apple has also announced it will be developing artificial intelligence, which will be announced soon in 2024. Despite these news and updates, the report mentioned that Google's voice assistant will be available. The report said that Google executives expect the company's Gemini will become the "main way" users can apply artificial intelligence to help them "think, plan and create".

Amid these ongoing developments, other companies like Meta are also catching up with the AI race by working on Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). The report highlighted that Google's general manager said it was one of the profound ways the company advanced its mission overseeing Gemini. LinkedIn AI Chatbot: Professional Networking Platform Introduces New AI-Powered Chatbot To Help Find New Job; Check Details Here. 

Google Gemini Subscription for Advanced Services 

Google will offer the accessible version of Gemini for the users; however, it will reportedly sell its Gemini at $20 per month for advanced services. The report highlighted that the Gemini AI will help the students, provide tips to engineers related to computer programming and help dream up ideas for different projects. The report said it would create content and offer suggestions that the users would like the best.

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