Mumbai, January 23: Many companies have adopted AI to boost their productivity and automate operations. The technology developers push the limits to deliver customers the best possible artificial intelligence experience. The tech giants like Microsoft, Google, xAI and others have announced their latest AI chatbots that promise to deliver users faster and more reliable results. A few days ago, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg also announced working on Artificial General Intelligence and will likely introduce it sometime in 2024. 

Amid this AI race, the companies promise to offer users the best possible and trusted services. According to a new report by Indian Express, Google's internal documents have been leaked, and they inform that the tech giant is working on the "world's most advanced AI in 2024". According to the report, the company is setting its eye on becoming the world leader in AI. Apple Vision Pro Demand: Chinese Consumer Ready To Pay Double Amount for Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset in Grey Market, Say Reports.

The report mentioned that the leaked documents show the "grand plans" of Google and AI. The race for delivering the most powerful artificial intelligence technology started in 2024. Companies are now finding ways to integrate technology with smartphones, computers, smart rings, smart glasses, and other devices or gadgets.

What do the Google Leaked Documents AI suggest? 

As per the Indian Express report, the leaked Google documents were first accessed by The Verge. They suggest that Google is on the path to delivering the "world's most advanced, safe and responsible AI. Moreover, the report said that the internally shared documents suggested "six other goals." The goals included "improve knowledge, learning, creativity, and most helpful personal computing platforms and devices." Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Samsung Takes Leaps With Its New ‘Galaxy AI Phones’, New Technology Boost Productivity, Creativity and Overall Life Experiences.

The report also said that since the beginning of January, the company has laid off many employees to save costs and improve the company's efficiency and productivity, among other reasons. Unlike ChatGPT, Google's Bard AI chatbot has gained little attention and introducing Gemini AI did not help the company keep up with the OpenAI's Chatbot.  

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