Mumbai, February 19: Google's Android 15 Operating System is rolled out and available for users in Developer Preview. The Android 15 Developer Preview has been launched for testing purposes and will be available on a few Google Pixel smartphones and tablets. The new Android 15 DP has several changes and updates for the developers and creators. 

According to the report by Zee News, the new Developer Preview of Android 15 focuses on maximising app performance, privacy and security and also supporting the developers and creators. As per the report, the Android 15 preview will be tested on smartphones and tablets with the Google Tensor processors. OpenAI Sora: AI Tokens See Surge After OpenAI Launched Its New Text-to-Video Model Sora.

The new Android 15 reportedly brings a new Privacy Sandbox for the developers. The report said that the new feature aims to revolutionise managing advertising-related data. Android 15 DP reportedly implements additional safeguards towards certain apps using cover tracking tactics. 

The report further mentioned that the new update offers developers and content creators various options for in-app camera controls. It allows them to control brightness and flash intensity. Additionally, the report said the new update has virtual MIDI 2.0 device support, enables music composition app support, and many others like low-light enhancement.

Besides this new improvement, the Android 15 Developer Preview also introduced power efficiency, allowing developers to prefer power over performance in specific code segments. The report said that by using this mode, the developers could improve the overall app experience, make the background workload management easier and identify apps causing the devices to overheat. Samsung Electronics Says It Has Retained Top Player Position in Global TV Market for 18 Straight Years: Report.

The report further informed that Health Connect, which collects data about health and fitness, would also get an update in Android 15, and it may help the app to offer new data types in fitness and nutrition. The report also highlighted another feature called 'partial screen sharing capability', which will enable users to partially record screens or specific content of the app. The report said that Google has mandated the user's consent for each recording each sessions,

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