Mumbai, November 30: ChatGPT officially completes one year after its release on November 30, 2022. When first announced, the OpenAI's Generative AI chatbot took the world and social media by storm. Within a few days of its release, ChatGPT became one of the sensations in the tech sector. With the introduction of this tool, the tech industry has seen a list of new AI chatbots that offer generative AI content to customers. 

Sam Altman officially posted on X, remembering his experience, "a year ago tonight, we were probably just sitting around the office putting the finishing touches on chatgpt before the next morning's launch. what a year it's been…" Recently, Microsoft-backed OpenAI had faced issues with the board's decision to let Sam Altman go. After that, he was offered a better position at Microsoft, and later, he joined OpenAI with a new initial board. Sam Altman Replies to OpenAI’s Post on X Saying, ‘Mission Always Comes First’ and 'There Were Real Misunderstandings’ Between Him and Board.

ChatGPT's Journey So Far from November 30 2022:

OpenAI's ChatGPT was launched on November 30 last year, and since then, it has changed how users use the internet and chatbots. Before ChatGPT, the AI-powered chatbots had limited information and were less powerful than OpenAI's chatbot. With ChatGPT, users could easily find relevant information without searching list of pages on Google. With the introduction of the new AI chatbot, there could be a list of future possibilities. 

ChatGPT users on social media platforms have taken the liberty to greet the AI Chatbot by saying, "Happy Birthday, ChatGPT!". According to reports, the past 12 months of ChatGPT have been more like a roller coaster ride, which faced issues related to security, bugs, and halting the development of AI. With ChatGPT's pioneering success, the market now has chatbots like Google's Bard, Grok AI, ChatSpot, Bing Chat, Jasper Chat, and many more. ChatGPT One Year On: How Has It Affected the Way We Work?.

In November, OpenAI fired Sam Altman and then reinstated him to the CEO position, and Greg Brockman, who also stepped down from his post, returned to the company. Hopefully, ChatGPT will bring major changes to the world of the internet. 

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