New Delhi, February 7: HMD Global, the company that has been manufacturing Nokia-branded phones, has announced its plans to launch its own range of smartphones. This move of HMD Global raises questions about the future of the Nokia brand in India. This change has led to discussions and speculations among consumers and industry experts about the consequences of this change from HMD Global.

According to a report of India Today, HMD Global has announced that it will launch its own-branded smartphones in 2024. The smartphones from HMD Global is expected to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2024. The announcement has generated curiosity and speculation about the future of Nokia phones in India. WhatsApp New Update: Meta-Owned Platform To Allow Third-Party Messaging Apps Before EU’s Digital Markets Act Comes Into Force in March 2024.

Despite the introduction of HMD's own smartphone, the company has made it clear that this does not mean the end of Nokia mobiles in India. HMD Global has reassured that it will continue to manufacture Nokia phones in the country. The multi-brand strategy of HMD appears to be a collaboration rather than replacing Nokia. HMD is planning to grow its brand alongside Nokia. This approach from HMD Global might suggest that there will be a wider range of options for various customer's preferences and needs.

HMD Global will likely support all Nokia-branded devices throughout their warranty period. The company may also include a support team available to assist customers of Nokia devices. The HMD Global is also expected to keep introducing new Nokia-branded devices to the Indian market. This step from HMD Global might ensure that the Nokia brand remains active in India. AI Takes World by Storm and Begins Creating Jobs in Rural India While Building High-Quality Datasets in Several Domestic Languages To Train Models for Research.

HMD Global does not see its own-branded smartphones as a competitor to Nokia's business in India. The company believes that the Indian customers will like the unique offerings. HMD's product line might include "HMD Originals" alongside Nokia phones and products from new partnerships.

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