New Delhi, February 28: Leading homegrown robotics company Addverb on Wednesday unveiled India's first-ever assistive dog robot named 'Trakr' at LogiMAT India 2024. Along with ‘Trakr’, the company unveiled an advanced medical collaborative robot (cobot) for rehabilitation and imaging, named 'Heal' and a cobot designed to enhance operational efficiency and safety, named 'Syncro'.

"Trakr's agility, Heal's medical advancements, and Syncro's collaborative prowess promise to redefine operational standards. We're proud to offer solutions that not only enhance efficiency but also cater to diverse industry needs, marking a milestone in flexible automation," Sangeet Kumar, Co-founder & CEO, Addverb, said in a statement. PM Narendra Modi Launches India’s First Indigenously-Built Hydrogen-Powered Ferry in Kochi, Kerala.

According to the company, 'Trakr' represents a technological milestone, engineered for agility and perception. Its versatility extends across industries such as construction, oil exploration, Defence, and security. Operating autonomously, ‘Trakr’ excels in facility inspections, patrols, and surveillance, making it a pioneering addition to any workforce, it added.

‘Heal' transforms healthcare with an innovative approach to rehabilitation and imaging. Specialising in collaborative human-robot interactions, it focuses on physical and rehabilitation therapy for stroke patients and aids in remote imaging procedures like ultrasound and MRI scans. Indian Electronics Manufacturing Sector To Employ About ‘4.5 Million’ People in Next Few Years: Report.

'Syncro' is engineered to work alongside humans in shared spaces, the company said. Boasting advanced safety features, adaptability, and ease of use, it finds application across diverse tasks from manufacturing to logistics. Launched in 2016, Addverb provides smart end-to-end robots for warehouses and industrial automation.

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