QBSSSPH1 is the best exclusive KuCoin referral code. This unique code will provide the best welcome offer for anyone who joins KuCoin. The offer will let users get 40% off all their trading fees for life and be able to claim a huge $8200 in welcome bonuses and rewards.

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When you sign up for KuCoin, use the referral code QBSSSPH1. This could get you a 40% discount on trade fees and a welcome gift pack worth up to $8,200 USDT. You can trade quickly and simply with KuCoin because it has an easy-to-use interface and lets you trade a huge amount of different cryptocurrency. Use KuCoin today and make the most of all your trades.

What benefits does the KuCoin referral code offer?

Exclusive new user rewards of 8200 USDT

Up to 40% off trading fees for life

Ability to refer other users and earn amazing rewards

Referral code is applied for whole life of the account

Chance to join the exclusive affiliate program.

How to use the KuCoin referral promo code?

To use the KuCoin referral code QBSSSPH1 is quite simple all you need to do is follow the simple steps below:

Copy the referral code: QBSSSPH1

Then visit the signup page for KuCoin here

Make sure to paste or enter the code QBSSSPH1 in the referral code box section

Complete the form, which will require a valid email, mobile number, and password.

Submit, then verify the account

This will have now completed your registration and permanently applied the exclusive referral code for life. This will allow you to now claim the 8200 in USDT rewards in the bonus reward part of the site. Also, you can now trade a huge  variety of cryptocurrencies with reduced trading fees.

Who can use the KuCoin referral code?

Anyone can use the Referral code QBSSSPH1 if they are a new user, it does not matter what type of user or what region they are from. This means everyone can join and get all the special welcome offers.

Can Existing KuCoin users apply the referral code?

Sadly, existing users cannot user the referral code as it is exclusively for new members and signups. Unless you created a new account and applied this code, which would be the only way of getting the trading fee discount. However existing users can still use KCS to get 20% off all their trading fees.

Does KuCoin have a refer a friend program?

You can send your invitees, friends and family  links, posters, or invitation codes. You will receive the rebate profits from your friends' KuCoin registration once they have finished registering through your sharing.

How many users am I able to invite with the program?

Infinite invites! You can profit from your friends' transaction fees by inviting an infinite number of friends to sign up for KuCoin.

How much commission am I eligible for?

The trading expenses of your friends can earn you up to 20% commission! Additionally, you can decide how much of the 20% commission to give each of your friends. Act quickly to earn commissions by referring friends!

Does KuCoin have an affiliate program?

KuCoin is known for offering one of the most generous and effective affiliate programs in the whole industry. This is because it allows its affiliate to earn an extraordinary 60% commission on all their invitees’ trades for life! This program has to potential to offer its members large passive income as long as their invitees are still trading. While not everyone can join the program, it is currently open to new applicants, especially in new regions such as India. Make sure to use the KuCoin affiliate code QBSSSPH1 to apply and get the best bonus when joining the program.

What is the KuCoin Gemvote?

Gemvote is where KuCoin gives it users to vote for new potential listings of cryptocurrency to join the KuCoin platform. With GemVote tickets, you can participate in KuCoin Token Listing events and cast your vote. Vote with them to get the cryptocurrency you want listed. One vote is represented by each GemVote ticket. On the page where you vote for listings, you can see how many tickets you have in your history.

Recap of KuCoin Referral Code

KuCoin Referral Promo Bonus Code = QBSSSPH1

Referral Code validity = no expiration date

Commissions from referral affiliate program = 60%

Welcome rewards = 8200 USDT


If you wish to take advantage of the best trading fee discount and exclusive welcome bonuses, we recommend you use the KuCoin referral code QBSSSPH1 today. The platform itself has one of the best selections of trading tools in the industry and some of the lowest fees too. So, join today and find the next cryptocurrency gem at KuCoin. You can also visit the homepage here to learn more about Kucoin referral code.