The much-talked-about NFT entrepreneur, YouTuber, investor, and a crypto trader is the founder of DWC NFT. There are tons of talented beings in this world, some have made their name just within a few years, and some have had to draw a long journey for themselves to finally reach success. In any scenario, people have tried to push their limits and have gone all out to make sure they created a great success story for themselves in all that they chose to lay their hands on.

Doing that in the ever-so-evolving digital financial world can prove to be even more challenging and demanding, but some of them have really astounded the world with what they have created in the industry and how they have brought more laurels to the industry. Topping the list of one such young talent in the world of Defi is Donte Walker, who today serves as the founder of DWC NFT.

Who really is Donte Walker, you ask? Well, this guy is all about his love and passion for crypto, NFTs, and the whole of the Defi space. He confesses how since the beginning; he saw the industry booming and that motivated him to be a part of the industry from a very young age. Today, from being a fresher to becoming an incredible professional and entrepreneur in the industry, Donte Walker has come a long way. He has emerged as a truly talented NFT investor, entrepreneur, YouTuber, and Crypto trader in the industry. He is the main man behind DWC NFT, which is managed by CryptoBulls.

Talking more about DWC NFT, Donte Walker says it is an exclusive Discord community which is run by him and other full-time NFT traders, investors, and collectors. It provides people with information on what’s going on in the NFT space, hottest updates on upcoming drops and NFT trends, frequent whitelist raffles, and Discord invites with opportunity for all members to be a part of the best projects in the industry multiple times. Donte Walker also provides weekly calls with him for all diamond members and many other big experts in the space, and so much more.