New York, January 19: Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg joins the AI race and expresses his interest in developing new Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) on January 18. Recently, many tech giants have launched their optimistic AI chatbots, smartphones and tools to bring cutting-edge technology to the customers. After OpenAI's ChatGPT, Elon Musk's xAI introduced GrokAI, then Google launched its Gemini AI, and now Meta will join the ongoing advancement in artificial intelligence. 

Mark Zuckerberg shared a video on his Threads platform, giving a brief idea about the efforts the company and team are putting into building Artificial General Intelligence. The CEO said, "Today, I am bringing Meta's two AI research efforts together to support our long-term goal of building general intelligence, open-sourcing it responsibly, and making it available and useful for everyone in all of our daily lives." Samsung Galaxy S24 Series: 'It Is Important To Honour Users’ Privacy With AI Phones', Says JB Park, President and CEO of Samsung India.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg Working on AGI:


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Meta CEO's AGI project holds huge potential and promises revolutionary advancements in artificial intelligence. Mark Zuckerberg said the next generation of services will need "AI assistants, AIs for creators, AIs for businesses, and more." The CEO promised to make it widely available and open-source so everyone could benefit from it. He further stated that he has been building "an absolutely massive amount of infrastructure" to support this project.

In his Threads video, Mark Zuckerberg said that people will need new devices for AI that bring together the technology and Metaverse. The Meta CEO also mentioned the Ray-Ban Meta Glasses with Meta AI and said people will need smart glasses to interact with artificial intelligence on a daily basis. Deepfakes: Google and Bing News Show 'Non-Consensual' Deepfake Porn at Top of Search Results, Says Report.

According to a report from ABP Live, AGI or Artificial General Intelligence could offer revolutionary advancements. However, experts and AI scientists are concerned about the risk of superintelligence. According to other reports, the AGI is known as 'Strong AI', 'Human-level AI' or 'General Intelligence Action'. The upcoming Meta AGI will reportedly take over the existing leaders in AI like OpenAI, Google and others. 

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