New Delhi, December 6: It's been a year since Microsoft Copilot was introduced to the world. These capabilities have also been incorporated into Microsoft 365, Microsoft Edge, and Windows. Excitingly, there are new features in the works from Microsoft Copilot that users can anticipate in 2024. In the forthcoming year, Microsoft is poised to significantly enhance the functionality of Copilot, integrating cutting-edge developments and features with the help of AI-assisted technology. 

Here are some new features announced by Microsoft that have already begun testing and will be rolled out soon for worldwide users:

GPT-4 Turbo

This feature will enable Microsoft Copilot to generate responses using advanced AI technology. While currently being tested with select users, GPT-4 Turbo is set to be widely integrated into Copilot in the coming weeks. Copilot: Microsoft Announces General Availability of AI-Powered Copilot and No Longer in Preview.

New DALL-E 3 Model 

A new DALL-E 3 model allows users to create images that are even higher quality and more accurate with Copilot. The feature is currently available by visiting or by asking Copilot to create an image.

Inline Compose with Rewrite Menu

Microsoft Copilot makes it easy for Microsoft Edge users to write from most websites. In the near future, all Edge users will be able to change text simply by selecting it and asking Copilot to rewrite it.

Multi-Modal With Search Grounding

The GPT-4 and vision capabilities of Microsoft will be combined with Bing image search and web search data to provide users with better image understanding. 

Code Interpreter 

In the future, Microsoft will be introducing a new feature that will help users perform complex tasks, including math, coding, data analysis, and visualization. This capability is currently being tested by a select group of users, and Microsoft plans to make it widely available as soon as possible. Microsoft Introduces ‘Energy Saver’ Mode for Windows 11 for Laptops and Desktop PCs.

Deep Search 

Microsoft plans to activate Deep Search to provide more relevant search results by extending search queries into more comprehensive descriptions. Microsoft says Deep Search will use GPT-4 to optimize search results for complex topics on Bing soon.

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