PlayerUnknown’s Battleground: Know Everything About the Most Played Online Multiplayer Game PUBG
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PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, popularly known as PUBG has been making the news quite frequently now. But many still don’t know what exactly is PUBG. Well for starters, it is a game which was initially released for the PC platform last year, then later, in the Android and iOS platforms. PUBG is a multi-player online game, where up to 100 players play at a time. The game’s primary motive is that the player needs to survive during the period against 99 other gamers. This may seem quite similar to the movie ‘Hunger Games’, but actually, the game is inspired by a Japanese movie called ‘Battle Royale’, which is an adaptation from a novel having the same title in 1999 by Koushun Takami.

Coming to the game mechanics, PUBG offers its users with three modes to its users. These three modes are Solo, Duo and Squad. In Solo Mode, the player has the choice to venture alone. In Duo Mode, the gamer can partner with one more player. In Squad Mode, a total number of four players can team up. The game starts off with 100 players parachuted to an abandoned island with no types of equipment. PUBG Mobile Crosses 1 Million Downloads on Andriod and iOS Platforms.

Then these players have to scavenge materials like weapons, armour, energy drinks and first aid kits by themselves or after defeating the other players to sustain and protect themselves. Since the map is massive, players come across many residential buildings, forests, industrial sites, vehicles and changing climates, which gives a realistic look to the game. OMEN Challenger Series 2018: PUBG Tournament Winners To Get Cash Prize of USD 50,000; Here’s How You Can Participate in the Event

During the process of arming oneself with supplies and weapons, the game changes time to time. This means that the initial play area of the map starts to shrink periodically. This shrinking of the map is termed as ‘Safe Zone’ in the game, where players have to rush towards it to keep themselves alive. Outside the Safe Zone, they will lose their life. To keep the survivors moving and to engage them in combat with other players, the game at different points of time initiates air strikes at various locations of the map, which is termed as ‘Red Zone’. Eventually, survivors become winners, and they get ‘Chicken Dinner’, game over. PUBG Update: Squad Up in PUBG Mobile's July Updates That Features All-new War Mode and Clan System.

Being one of the most played online game, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground has received many nominations for Game of the Year (GOTY) and is regarded to be a defining game for the Battle Royale genre. Earlier this month, the developers of the Battle Royale game had announced that it had crossed over 100 million downloads on iOS and Android platforms with more than 14 million daily active users.