Problems are many, solutions barely any. This adage applies particularly to social media where every day has become a struggle of gaining virtual recognition. However, Rushabh Kothari managed to figure out the world of social media within a period of mere five years. This Chartered Accountant brings his rare financial know-how to the world of media through his company- Elite Discoveries. 

With his technical know-how of the monetary world, this man is an uncommon asset, capable of finding unique ways of virtual optimization. He hopes that his little venture will be able to reach over thousands of clients, who dream of extensive brand outreach. “Helping our clients achieve their objective is our utmost priority and that’s what we focus on”- this man believes. 

You can get an idea of his principled working style through his intense professional morals. He has founded his company on the ethical grounds of dedication, transparency, and hard-work. It is through his sincerity that he has managed to satisfy the needs of over 700 clients. Many of them cannot praise the company enough for its dedicated, and innovative working style. 

He has managed to grow his company exponentially- taking it from a $1,000 annual revenue generating firm to a company that generates $500,000 in a year. This comes as no surprise since he follows a unique approach towards marketing within the virtual media. He has collaborated with 25 of his industry competitors to create a new marketing approach that can drive growth more speedily as compared to the traditional methods. 

He dreams to unlock the hidden potential that each brand holds, and present it to the online world, in the most fashionable manner. With dreams so high, we can only hope that this young visionary is able to see his efforts come to fruition. Since the demand for such services is only increasing, we can picture a bright future ahead for Elite Discoveries.