New Delhi, January 23: Artificial intelligence (AI) is here and when it comes to devices around us, the role of this new technology to boost productivity, creativity and overall daily-life experiences is now being explored by various original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). For the record, Samsung has taken a leap with its new ‘Galaxy AI phones’.

From breaking language barriers with AI-driven text and call translations to maximising creativity with its ‘ProVisual Engine’ that comes with AI-powered tools for images, the new Galaxy S24 Ultra has gone beyond incremental changes we have been witnessing in premium smartphones lately. Apple Vision Pro Demand: Chinese Consumer Ready To Pay Double Amount for Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset in Grey Market, Say Reports.

With the gesture-driven ‘Circle to Search’ feature with Google, the company has transformed the way online searches for shopping, travel and other tasks are done. It is heartening to see that the Galaxy S24 Ultra with a 6.8-inch flatter display has turned its focus back on the phone’s most fundamental role: communication.

With the ‘Live Translate’ feature, you can chat with another student or colleague from abroad without any language concern. You can book an Uber or a dinner reservation at your favourite restaurant while on vacation in another country where language can be a problem. The ‘Live Translate’ is a two-way, real-time voice and text translations of phone calls within the native app. No third-party apps are required, and on-device AI keeps conversations completely private, according to Samsung.

Galaxy S24 series marks a milestone in the history of search as the first phone to debut intuitive, gesture-driven ‘Circle to Search’ with Google. With a long press on the home button, you can circle, highlight, scribble on or tap anything on Galaxy S24 Ultra’s screen to see helpful, high-quality search results.

If you see a friend wearing a stunning jacket, you can just focus on the jacket, use the ‘Circle to Search’ feature and the AI-driven search will offer multiple options when to buy that jacket from online, without having to leave the app. Depending on your location, for certain searches, generative AI-powered overviews can provide helpful information and context pulled together from across the web, and you can ask more complex and nuanced questions.

With the ‘Interpreter’ feature, live conversations can be instantly translated on a split-screen view so people standing opposite each other can read a text transcription of what the other person has said. The feature even works without cellular data or Wi-Fi. For messages and other apps, the ‘Chat Assist’ feature can help perfect conversational tones to ensure communication sounds as it was intended: like a polite message to a coworker or a short and catchy phrase for a social media caption.

AI built into Samsung Keyboard can also translate messages in real time in 13 languages. The Indian organisations will also get a big boost with ‘Note Assist’ in Samsung Notes, featuring AI-generated summaries, template creation that streamlines notes with pre-made formats and cover creation to make notes easy to spot with a brief preview.

For voice recordings, when there are multiple speakers, the ‘Transcript Assist’ feature uses AI and speech-to-text technology to transcribe, summarise and even translate recordings. The Galaxy S24 Ultra is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform. The device offers superior usability and faster and smoother gameplay, alongside the Ray tracing module for a more immersive gaming experience.

Galaxy S24 Ultra design utilised titanium for the first time for a premium feel and enhanced durability. The thinnest model yet, the device features a flat front edge display compatible with the S Pen and a more vivid and durable screen with even bezels.

Now comes to the camera. The ‘ProVisual Engine’ is a comprehensive suite of AI-powered tools that transforms image capturing abilities and maximises creative freedom, taking care of shaky, pixelated images taken from far away.

Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Quad Tele System, with new 5x optical zoom lens, works with the 50MP sensor to enable optical-quality performance at zoom levels from 2x, 3x, 5x to 10x10 magnification, thanks to Adaptive Pixel Sensor. Images also show crystal clear results at 100x with enhanced digital zoom.

With upgraded Nightography capabilities, you will find that photos and videos shot on Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Space Zoom are brilliant in any condition, even when zoomed in. You will also be able to capture more light in dim conditions with Galaxy S24 Ultra’s larger pixel size, now 1.4 micrometre, which is 60 per cent bigger compared to S23 Ultra.

Blur is reduced on Galaxy S24 Ultra with wider optical image stabiliser (OIS) angles and enhanced hand-shake compensation. When recording videos, both front and rear cameras are equipped with ‘Dedicated ISP Block’ for noise reduction. To give you even more creative freedom, ‘Generative Edit’ can fill in parts of an image background with generative AI.

When a picture is crooked, AI will fill in the borders. When an object needs to be slightly moved to be in the perfect position, AI will let you adjust the position of the subject and generate a perfectly blended background in its original spot.

For gamers, Galaxy S24 Ultra offers an optimal thermal control system with a 1.9 times larger vapour chamber, improving device surface temperature. The Corning Gorilla Armor display is optically enhanced and demonstrates superior durability against damage caused by everyday scratches. In India, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in Titanium Gray, Titanium Violet and Titanium Black colours starts from Rs 129,999 (12GB+256GB variant). OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R Launch Tonight in India: Check Expected Price, Specifications and Features Ahead of Launch.

The 12GB+512GB variant costs Rs 139,999 and 12GB+1TB model of Galaxy S24 Ultra will come at Rs 159,999. In India, customers pre-booking Galaxy S24 Ultra get benefits worth Rs 22,000 and the effective price can go pretty low with device upgrade and other offers. Conclusion: In a saturated smartphone market, Galaxy S24 Ultra promises fresh air, with practical, real-life use cases of AI that will make your life easy. Remember: The primary use of a smartphone is to communicate and Galaxy S24 Ultra does exactly that with the help of AI, in a much smarter way.

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