Blue Moon 2018: Lunar Spectacular To Light Up The Sky Tonight, Get Your Binoculars Ready!
Representational Image (Photo Credits: @AntonioParis/ Twitter)

Stargazers keep your binoculars ready as a blue moon will charm the sky on March 31. The rare celestial event will occur the second time within the calendar month, the last one being appeared on January 31, 2018. Yes, this will be the next Lunar spectacular in 2018 that will shine in the night sky. Scientific officer Sumit Srivastava was quoted in media reports saying, “The occurrence of two blue moons in a calendar month is a rare phenomenon. Last, it happened in 1999. The next two blue moons in a calendar month will be witnessed again in the year 2037 and 2094.”

Not everyone will have the benefit of seeing the blue moon, considering the changing spring weather. Indians will not be able to enjoy the beautiful sight. But people living in Lucknow can, as Indira Gandhi Planetarium and UP Amateur Astronomers Club will install telescopes to witness the celestial show. Reportedly, the sky watch will begin at 6:30 pm and will continue till 9:30 pm.

Blue moon is not actually blue and they don’t look different from any other full moon in the sky. Scientists say that the blue colour is dependent on atmospheric factors, i.e. if the atmosphere is filled with dust or smoke particles of a certain size. The moon gets slightly wider and appears blue.

Full moons are not actually rare, they occur on every 29.53 (12.37 times per year). But to catch a glimpse of one, appearing in blue is a special treat. And since it is a lunar eclipse, it is not required to shield your eyes in any way. They will be totally fine to stare at the spectacular, crimson-tinted moon as long as your heart desires. So, enjoy this beautiful sight!