Elon Musk Shares Video of 'Disturbingly Long' Transit Tunnel Built by Boring Company in LA
Elon Musk posted a video of the transit tunnel (Photo credits: Twitter)

Elon Musk's Boring Company is working hard on making transit transport accessible under the streets of suburbs around LA. The billionaire just gave a glimpse of what these long tunnels will look like on his Twitter account. The construction of these transit tunnels began about a year ago in Hawthrone and the opening is said to be on December 10 for the public. But not wanting to hold back the excitement for the people, Musk tweeted a video of this tunnel that connects from SpaceX's headquarters in California to LA suburbs. Elon Musk Promises Mass Transit Tunnel Rides With Tickets at Just USD1.

The Boring Company is also building tunnels for Chicago and Washington DC and there are plans to extend the network of underground tunnels further. These tunnels will help in reducing the travel time and also prove as a measure on the congestion in these top cities. These pods have a capacity of transporting 16 passengers at a time and it will also be cheaper. The speed of the system rails is said to be anywhere from 124 mph to 155 mph. Musk called it a "disturbingly long tunnel." Elon Musk Trolls Warren Buffet on Twitter Saying He is 'Super Super Serious' About Starting a Candy Company.

Check out Elon Musk's Tweet About the Long Transit Tunnel

The 30-second video clip looks illusionary with the fast motion. It only makes curious about how it will actually feel like to travel through these. On the day of the opening, it will be free for the public. This project is very important for the company to showcase a system for transit travel in the cities. The loop is estimated to go at 150 miles per hour and will also be environment friendly, running on electrics and zero emissions.