Spiders are creepy and arachnophobes would agree to that. But have you thought of a designer when you looked at a spider? Well, a normal person wouldn't observe a spider that fondly. But Arachnologist Danilo Harms and his team thought of late designer Karl Lagerfeld when they discovered a new species of tiny jumping spiders in Australia recently. Thanks to the distinct look of one of the arachnids, it has been named after the creative director of the French fashion house Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld. Scientists from the Centre for Natural History of the University of Hamburg (CeNak) decided to name a jumping spider species which has an entirely black and white design after the late designer's iconic appearance. Deadliest Spiders in the World: New Species of Widow Spider Discovered in South Africa Has Lethal Bite, Watch Video.

As Dr Harms quoted, "The animal reminded us with its colours of the reduced style of Karl Lagerfeld. For example, we associate the black leg links with the gloves he always wore." So this tiny spider is now officially named called Jotus karllagerfeldiI. It is just 4-5 mm and black and white colours. The findings have been reported in the open-access journal Evolutionary Systematics. New Species of Jumping Spider in Kerala Named After Kargil War Hero Capt. Vikram Batra.

View Pic of The Spider Named After Karl Lagerfeld:

The team found not this but five new species from Queensland. Barbara Baehr from the team of researchers said that 70% of Australia's spiders remain unclassified. Other typical jumping spiders of the group have striking red or blue colours, but not this one. It stands out because of the black-and-white legs and tactile organs. His arms resemble a white Kent collar. However, not much is known about the Jotus genus of spiders, although they are found all over Australia. This species of spiders do not weave webs but hunt out in the open and because they have evolved very fast, they can jump over short distances.

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