'Indian Brain Size is Smaller', IIIT-Hyderabad Researchers Create 'Indian Brain Atlas' to Help in Better Diagnosis of Brain-Related Ailments
Human brain. (Photo Credits: Gpat Discussion Center/Facebook)

Hyderabad, October 29: According to the first-ever ‘Indian Brain Atlas’ created by researchers of the International Institute of Information Technology-Hyderabad (IIITH), the average size of the Indian brain is smaller. The comparison is not only in terms of height but also in width and volume as compared to the western and the eastern population. This will reportedly help in early and better detection of brain-related ailments like Alzheimer.

The 'IBA 100 is more’ comparable to the Chinese and Korean atlases than the distant Caucasian one. The research has been led by a professor from the Centre for Visual Information Technology Jayanthi Sivaswamy. What is the Mystery Behind Human’s Large Brain Size? Scientists Reveal the Truth.

Jayanthi, as quoted in a Times of India report, said, "As Indian brains are smaller in size when compared to the Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) template, the difference in scans can look alarming and can lead to and lead to misdiagnosis." The first attempt at creating India specific atlas involved 50 individuals spread across gender groups. To rule out variations in scanning machines, MRI scans of these 'individuals' were taken in three different hospitals across three different scanners.

Jayanthi and her team are currently studying to understand the brain process that happens due to ageing. Various changes take place due to ageing and this Atlas will help in diagnosing dementia or Alzheimers and other brain-related ailments.