Astronomy lovers must be dreaming often about being able to go to space at least once in their lifetimes. To make it a dream come true for at least some, Elon Musk's space tourism plans are taking shape. His company SpaceX is all set to send a private passenger on a trip around the moon in its BFR launch vehicle. Our satellite Moon hasn't seen a lot of visitors, since the first Apollo mission. But after so many years, Musk is making it accessible for one lucky passenger. The entire event will also be telecasted live. SpaceX Set for Over 300 Missions in 5 Years: Elon Musk. 

SpaceX's Twitter account gave the important update about space tourism becoming a reality. The company had announced their plan to launch two private citizens on a flight to space about one and a half year ago. Their new BFR rocket is a part of Musk's bigger plans to launch crews and cargos in space, including one to the red planet Mars. How Much Does It Cost to Go to Space? Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin to Charge USD 2,00,000 for a Single Trip! 

Check out SpaceX's tweet about the trip to the moon:

The details about which passenger will be flying into space will be divulged in on September 17. Only 24 humans have visited the Moon since the year 1972. So 46 year later, another passenger makes his way to the Moon. But to find out who, we will have to wait. Although, when this mission will take off is not yet revealed. Meanwhile, NASA has plans for a mission for ta rip beyond the moon by 2022. Eight Day Trip in Space Will Cost You Over Three Thousand Crores Rupees, View Pics of The Luxurious Travel Facility.

Several billionaire businessmen are interested in making a way to facilitate space tourism. It is definitely not going to come cheap but the thought of leaving the planet and watching it from space is sure exhilarating.

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