UFO or Chandrayaan 2? Australians Left Stunned After Spotting Striking Light in Evening Skies
Chandrayaan 2 Shinning Australia Skies (Photo Credits: ABC North West Queensland/ Facebook/ IANS)

The Indian Space of Research Organisation (ISRO) has launched its second and most awaited second moon mission, Chandrayaan 2 on July 22 at 2:43 pm. People in India were all captivated by the launch, lifted by the rocket GSLV-Mk III, nicknamed ‘Baahubali.’ Not just Indians, scientists and space lovers from across the world are waiting for the spacecraft to finally land on the moon. Chandrayaan 2 could have passed through the Australian sky, as around the time of the launch (7:30 pm in Australia), hundreds of people from Queensland and the Northern territory were stunned to spot striking light in the evening skies. They have reported to local news outlets that the unexplained light could be UFO. Where is Chandrayaan 2 Now and How It Will Reach The Moon; ISRO Mission's Path Explained. 

Chandrayaan 2 took off from Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh and is said to have passed over the Julia Creek caravan park in north-west Queensland. People who witnessed the striking light in the sky quickly contacted the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC), which an astronomer explained could be India’s Chandrayaan 2. However, the explanation came a little later, considering people were already in confusion about the mysterious light in the sky. “We were actually at the caravan park having a bush dinner for not-for-profit organisations, so there were around 160 people, and one of the tourists looked up and said ‘look’,” the McKinlay Shire councillor was quoted saying in a PTI report. Chandrayaan 2 Explained! When Will ISRO's GSLV-Mk III Reach Moon And What Will Happen After That?

“It was quite a bright, unusual light with a tail. It was travelling north-east and we watched it for two or three minutes before it faded out. We had no idea what it was. It was really unusual,” the counsellor added. People began to click photos and videos, hoping it to be a UFO in the sky.

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Prof Jonti Horner from the University of Southern Queensland explained, “My first thought was that it's a meteor, but looking at the footage it can't be a meteor, it's not something in the earth's atmosphere at all. Interestingly, earlier today India launched its second moon mission Chandrayaan-2 so it seems a really good bet that this is that engaging its engine to move towards the moon. It's not quite a sign of an alien life - it's a sign of India going to the moon.”

Chandrayaan 2: Where Is The Spacecraft Now & When It Will Reach The Moon; Know ISRO Mission's Path

India’s second moon mission, Chandrayaan 2 is said to bring more achievements to the nation. The mission which is on its way is said to touch down the lunar surface in early September, 2019. If it finds water on the South Pole, which is the dark side of the moon, it will be a giant triumph and a moment of pride for the ISRO scientists, who have worked round the clock on the mission. If the landing happens as smoothly as planned, India will become the first country to reach the moon’s south pole and the fourth country to land softly on the moon, after the former Soviet Union, the United States and China.